[box_dark]When did you begin modeling? What sparked your interest in it?[/box_dark]

[box_light] I began modeling about a year ago.What sparked my interest in it was the fact that I love being  a woman, and I love feeling sexy. Taking pictures, and doing photo shoots gives me a certain type of high. [/box_light]


[box_dark] What do you think separates you from other beautiful models out there? [/box_dark]

[box_light] What Separates me from other beautiful models is I am not only easy on the eyes but I have a great personality. I consider myself a very nice and humble person. My look is also kind of a pin up look. [/box_light]


[box_dark]What is your biggest accomplishment from being in the entertainment business? [/box_dark]

[box_light] My biggest Accomplishment so far is Meeting the legendary Snoop Dogg and having the privilege of being one of his main girls in his video featuring Carl Thomas ‘Don’t Kiss Me’ Which I was personally asked by Mr.Snoop Dogg himself. [/box_light]


[box_dark]What do you think is the difference between a model and a woman who just looks good? Do you think all women who look good are built for modeling? Why or why not?[/box_dark]

[box_light] The difference between a model and a woman who just looks good is that a model shows class and makes everyone else want to be just like her. No, I do not think all woman who look good are fit to be a model. This business is very stressful and you will get criticism. you have to believe in yourself and want it bad enough in order yo succeed.You also have to grind as much as possible and be wiling to listen to demands. [/box_light]

[box_dark]What do you think is your best physical asset? What do you get complimented on the most?[/box_dark]

[box_light]I think my best physical assets are my breast. I mostly get complimented on my face, and lips. [/box_light]

[box_dark]What 3 songs would describe you the best? Why those 3 songs? [/box_dark]

[box_light] 3 songs that describe me are Rihanna ‘Live my life’ , The Weeknd ‘High For This’ , and Beyoncé ‘If I were a boy’ ……. These three songs are some of my favorites and ive been through everything that things song mention in my life.  [/box_light]

[box_dark]What projects do you have coming up for 2013? [/box_dark]

[box_light] In the year of 2013 I have many magazine features coming, music videos, and a tv show which will be a surprise. [/box_light]





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