TampaMystic sits down with Cassius K

[box_dark]1. What’s going on? For those who may not know you, please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from.[/box_dark]
Yo! whats up? Im Cassius K. That is (Cash-US) thats my gov’t name btw…Texas born, louisiana raised ya dig.. lol

[box_dark]2. When/How did u start rapping and who inspired you?[/box_dark] I have always love music, but I seriously started rapping and taking my craft serious in January 2013. I was inspired by daughter and myself, I just became a poet in my own little way.

[box_dark]3. Who are some artists you would like to work with? [/box_dark]Aaahhh man, I would love to work with artist like Cee-Lo Green, Bruno MArs, Kendrick Lamar, Madonna, Rick Ross, and DJ Khaled just to name a few. lol

[box_dark]4. What’s been your most memorable moment in your music career?[/box_dark] My most memorable moment in my career to me is when I dropped my single “WATCH” produced my H.D, i got like 50 text messages saying “BRO this a HIT” lol..

[box_dark]5. What project’s are you currently working on?[/box_dark] Right now im set to release my next single “B%*&H Dont LIE” Oct. 1 ..produced by ALIEN UNIVERSITY

[box_dark]6. Besides music, what else can we find you doing?[/box_dark] Well, you can find me being a father, or being a gym rat .. The steam room and Sauna is my stress reliever.

[box_dark]7. In the coming months, what can we expect from you?[/box_dark] You can expect Cassius K. to deliver and bring the ENERGY to every show!. You can expect to remain a rock star and expect a great show on MIXTAPE PAGE 1.

[box_dark]8. Tell everyone where they can find you? [ Websites, Online social media, etc][/box_dark]
@cassiuskphe INSTA @cassiusphe TWITTER Kendrel Robinson FB

[box_dark]9. What would you like to state to those who have supported you throughout your life and within your music career? Any Shout Outs? [/box_dark]Thanks a million to my Daughter, my TRUE FANS, 80s BABIES ENT, and thanks to every that has tuned into my music, whether they liked it or not. #PEACE #HUSTLaSALUTE

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