-Because the word genitals isn’t good enough.

          Back in the day we used to swear by the nicknames of the times for GENETALIA, there was no PUSSY, VAGINA, DICK, BALLS, TITTIES! We had nicknames like Key hole, Monkey,  Baseball Bat, Tool Bag, Ni Ni’s. From the conversations I have had with some ladies in my city and others, I have heard complaints of men always talking about their GENETALIA!!

          Most women I have been in contact with agree that many men think talking about their DICKS turns us on when a lot of times it’s the way in which they talk about it that grosses us out. For example, there is a difference between saying “Baby, I been trying to get some of you all day, come get this dick…” & “Look at my dick it’s big as shit!” All while standing in the hallway waggin’ the wang 😉 cute sometimes.  I have heard worse but just to sum it up it’s like WTF are you so obsessed with your lower region for? It’s yours, I dig it.

          So do what women do >>STUDY what turns us on as we do you,  instead of cracking dumb jokes in your mind knowing for certain we are turned on when really it’s the opposite.  When you do that you don’t give the woman a chance to want it.  Just like women all over the world have practiced with a banana at some point show us some respect and  practice different approaches in your verbiage instead of just being mad when the babe is iggin’ you.  Also I’m not saying that talking about them as if they are grade school holiday ornaments is cool either, but brotha’s I’ll be damned if ladies haven’t been complaining about your silly antics. They don’t make most horny just as much as tooth paste on our pimples and over-sized period panties when off cycle aren’t very risqué.

          Just as much as you are sneaking to look for a fantasy somewhere, the women are too. They want to hear about the GENETALIA without feeling like they are dealing with their brother or dumb names parents gave like pocket book and peter…. If we all knew what we liked more we could last longer I’m just sayying….Lyyoness Shyyt.

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