Beyond the Video: Sevyn Streeter – “It Won’t Stop” feat. Chris Brown

Sevyn StreeterA unique name for a unique talent many are getting to hear more of, after months of asking “who is that girl?” The “I like It” songstress Sevyn Streeter is gaining more notoriety by the minute. With 2 chart topping songs and countless other works under her belt, she is now becoming easily identified. Sevyn got an early start with girl group Rich Girl created by Grammy Award winning producer Rich Harrison (“Crazy in Love” -Beyonce, “1 Thing” -Amerie) managed by Tina Davis (Chris Brown). Tina took to Sevyn’s ability to craft honestly good music and she began writing for others, most notably Chris Brown. She has put the pen to the pad for widely known hits by Brown such as “Strip” & “Wet The Bed.” Streeter also keeps a freshly penned track in your ear with the break out single “I Love The Way” by Ariana Grande.

Ladyy:         It’s your girl Ladyy DeFined,, we have the lovely, the beautiful, the talented Sevyn Streeter ya’ll! For anyone who doesn’t know much about Sevyn Streeter, I know a little bit about you. You had that group you were in called Rich Girl, so tell us a little bit about your transition from your group days to your solo and where you are right now, because you are blowing up right now.

Sevyn:         It’s been a little bit of a Journey. I started out with a group called Rich Girl managed by Tina Davis who also manages Chris Brown.

Ladyy:        Shout out to Tina! She is always behind a lot of great things

Sevyn:        Yes, she’s really good. 2009 I ended up meeting Chris Brown. I started writing records I wrote Fine China with Chris, Wet The Bed, Strip with him.

Ladyy:        A lot of people don’t know that the voice you hear behind much of Chris Brown’s music is right here. Here it is! When I found out who it was I was just like wow she’s really doing it. I appreciate it I like it, you’re really blowing up. The new joint, let everybody know what it is!

Sevyn:        The new joint is called It Won’t Stop, because…It won’t stop.

Ladyy:        It definitely won’t stop right here Fleet DJ Radio, thank you Sevyn, that’s a dope name by the way.

Sevyn:        Thanks girl!

Check out some behind the scenes footage of Sevyn’s latest single “It Won’t Stop” featuring Chris Brown.


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