TampaMystic sits down w/ Pancho Rucker for an exclusive interview!

[box_dark]1. What’s going on? Please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from.[/box_dark]

What’s up Straight Official. I am Pancho Rucker Hip Hop artist/Producer from North St. Louis.

[box_dark]2. STL, one of my favorite cities! Tell us when you start rapping and who or what inspired you?[/box_dark]

I dabbled in rapping as a kid but I never took it seriously until my Mom’s fiance was killed back in 2003. He was the one that introduced me to Houston’s underground market to get me out of the streets. And I decided to bring that back home.

What inspires me is life. I find that my world fuels my creativity. I’m not the person that talks about fabricated fairy tales of the “YouTube streets” or balling with bottles and Bentleys in my driveway.

[box_dark]3. As an up and coming artist, do you find it difficult to maintain personal relationships while perusing your music career?[/box_dark]

Hell yes! I have lost girlfriends, friends, family members, etc. because of my dream. But the way I see it, if you are not going to stay when its hard I don’t need you when it gets good. I love what I do and will die for my dream.

[box_dark]4. I agree w/ that, the real ones will stay around! Tell us something you enjoy doing [besides music] that most people don’t know.[/box_dark]

I act and write poetry too. I’m currently working with best-selling author Keisha Ervin on a web series called Forever 21 and in the process of writing a movie with my good friend Dutch Jackson. Also I’m writing a book entitled “Pruitt Igo’s Grandson.” Other than that I’m just a regular guy. I like to chill and watch movies of all kinds and hang with my Shogun Music Group family.

[box_dark]5. Currently, what project(s) is Pancho Rucker working on?[/box_dark]

The web series “Forever 21”, my media duplication company Shogun Media Duplication, my movie with Dutch Jackson “Loud and Clear”, my book “Pruitt Igo’s Grandson”, my new album call “IMperfect” and promoting for my mixtape “I’m Better Than U On Ur Shit Vol. 4”. As you can see I stay busy.

[box_dark]6. Wow, very busy I see! During all this, what’s been the most memorable moment so far in your music career?[/box_dark]

Creating a sonnet for the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. Or the first time my mama heard my song on the radio.

[box_dark]7. What are your goals musically for the remaining part of 2014?[/box_dark]

To be out on tour, finish my album, and to increase the Pancho Rucker and Shogun Music Group brand as a whole.

[box_dark]8. Tell everyone where they can find you? [Websites, Social media, Booking info etc][/box_dark]
Twitter: @PanchoRucker
Facebook: Pancho Rucker
Instagram: @PanchoRucker

[box_dark]9. What words would you like to leave us with? Any Shout Outs?[/box_dark]

Shoutout to the Shogun Music Group staff and artists (J. Sloan, Smurf, Trajik, Geon, Fatboi, SageIzBlazed, and Jordyn). My BPM Multimedia family (Dolo, Magnum, Brycsyn, and Vito Monney). The Forever 21 crew (Dutch Jackson, Keisha Ervin, Mo, Jenni Lovette, Ebony, and Lo). And if I forgot you I’m sorry but yall know what it is.

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