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When three seasoned and extraordinarily talented individuals joined a producer with a proven track record, it gave birth to an upscale urban group called Leon Rockmore! Leon Rockmore was the brain child of Tak aka Ribkat (Hip Hop Lyricist/Songwriter/Producer/Emcee for Fort Minor and Styles Of Beyond), who teamed up with Keyvous aka Key (Vocalist/Songwriter), and the third element to complete the trio (DMC USA Champion) DJ P-Trix. “Kind Of Night”, the first single from their self-titled EP “Leon Rockmore”, is an exhilarating party anthem produced by Nice who has produced such songs as: “Switch Lanes” Tyga ft The Game, “Diddy Bop” Tyga, and “This Year” by YG. Having already toured Asian countries such as Thailand, Taiwan, and China; Leon Rockmore has amassed a loyal overseas fan base as well as a fan base within the US. “Kind Of Night”, has an hypnotizing effect on its intended audience… One can’t help but to sing along with its catchy chorus and move to its invigorating beat!

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