TampaMystic sits down w/ Dan Diego for an exclusive interview!

1. What’s going on? Please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from.
What’s Goin on! First off I would like to thank you for having me today. I go by Dan Diego & I’m from San Diego but I’ve lived in Atlanta the majority of my life.

2. You are quite welcome! When did you start rapping and who or what inspired you?
I first started rapping around 14 my homie LC use to make me beats but I would never get in the studio.. I would just write to them hoping I could actually get in a studio one day. Then the Homie Rich Espy gotta studio set up in his basement and we been at it ever since. My inspiration really come from my peers. I feel is important to surround yourself with genuine people.

3. Dope, love the inspiration. As an up and coming artist, do you find it difficult to maintain personal relationships while perusing your music career?
Not at all. I feel like personal relationships with people have gotten me this far. Its important to have good relationships with people. I feel as long as you keep it solid I don’t see the problem

4. Tell us something you enjoy doing [besides music] that most people don’t know.
I like to hoop so u can catch me on somebody court. I like to travel as much as I can. But honesty the only thing I do is Music I cant really name anything else

5. Currently, what project(s) are you working on or pushing?
I recently released my single featuring K.Camp “Down Bad”. Official video on Hot New Hip Hop I also just released it on iTunes as well. Really just trying to get that out there. But a lot in store for 2k15

6. Shout out to K Camp working hard, how did you connect with him?
Yea he works hard like no other. But Camp is actually my cousin. We been Rockin with each other for a long time. I got his back like he got mines. If you look at my previous mixtapes I have a lot of records with him & more in the future.

7. That’s what’s up, family first! What’s been the most memorable moment so far in your music career?
Probably performing down bad for the first time in front of a major crowd, I believe it was at TSU homecoming. But I have so many.

8. What are your goals musically going into 2015?
Take over.

9. Tell everyone where they can find you? [Websites, Social media, Booking info etc]
Instagram Twitter SoundCloud YouTube: @Danxdiego Facebook: Dan Diego

10. I really appreciate you taking the time to chat with Straight Official, What words would you like to leave us with? Any Shout Outs?​
Shoutout to the people that believed In me.. & shoutout the people that didn’t..

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