Lifestyle and culture is embedded in all aspects of our society. From Hip-Hop to Rock n Roll the cultures that curate our lives is a culmination of music, food, health, wellness and more. Straight Official is dedicated to covering the stories and people that embody these cultures. The passionate,  dedicated humans whose stories inspire and encourage.  This magazine is dedicated to the movement of the multifaceted. The lovers of Hip-Hop and soldiers of civil war. It’s our duty to accurately survey the culture and lifestyle landscape with proper perspective, championing topics we believe should be celebrated, yet remaining partial enough to lend a critical eye to issues that deserve deliberation and debate.

Straight Official will continue in our mission to keep a devout vigil over the happenings of  our culture, maintaining and fostering insightful discourse on not just music, but also politics, fashion, technology and all matters that appeal to the affinities of the movement.

We thank you for joining  us on this journey and allowing us to be your lifeline to all things Hip-Hop and beyond! We intend to be YOUR source and support for the movement.


Straight Official Magazine

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