The lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop spans nearly five decades and has become the most influential genre of music to date. This movement is multifaceted and has left its mark on both the music industry and society as a whole. As both fans and correspondents of this movement, it’s our duty to accurately survey the Hip-Hop landscape with proper perspective, championing topics we believe should be celebrated, yet remaining partial enough to lend a critical eye to issues that deserve deliberation and debate.

While other outlets are limited to the content they produce due to political and social issues, Straight Official will continue in our mission to keep a devout vigil over the happenings of our culture, maintaining and fostering insightful discourse on not just music, but also politics, fashion, technology and all topics that appeal to the affinities of the movement.

We thank you for subscribing to us and allowing us to be your lifeline to all things Hip-Hop! We intend to be YOUR source for this movement for the next five decades to come.

Peace & Love,

Jerry M.

Editor-in-Chief, Straight Official Magazine

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