Adrian Zeno


Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Height: 5’7″
Bust: 32B
What would you rate yourself from 1-10? 10

Tell everybody your name and where you’re from?
“My name is Talisha Williams aka Tata, and I’m from Richmond, VA.”

So how long have you been modeling?
I’ve been modeling since I was 13, but I didn’t start taking it seriously till last year in September.

How did you start modeling?
I started modeling when I was 13. I went to Barbizon School of Modeling and Acting, but after facing rejection from a few agencies I stopped, and put all my focus on school. Then last September, I still loved and wanted to model so I gave it another try. I started working with local photographers, and posting my work on Instagram and Model Mayhem, and I’ve just been getting consistent work ever since.

So what are you doing with yourself besides modeling?
I am also an actress. I’ve been in local indie films, short films, and national and local TV commercials. I’m currently starring in a feature film titled “Wrong Number” that may debut on Netflix once it’s done filming. I’m also a semi-pro cheerleader for the Richmond Roughriders arena football team.

What would you say is your best feature and why?
My smile. I’ve been told it’s infectious, and can light up a room.

What else do you do for fun (besides modeling)?
I like to hang out with friends, go to the beach and go to the movies.

Do you like sports?
If so who is your favorite sports figure? I’m not into sports, but I do have a favorite football team. I like the Patriots, and Tom Brady is the goat.

What’s playing in your (iPod, iPhone, Android, music device)/Favorite Song (currently)?
Future, Sza, the Migos, Kendrick Lamar, and Lil Uzi Vert. My favorite song right now is Cardi B Bodak Yellow of course.

What’s the craziest pick up line you’ve heard from guys trying to get your attention?
In a bar a guy once told me, “hey girl did you just fall from heaven? Because you’re an angel.”

How do you get into “character” for a photoshoot?
It depends on what I’m wearing for the shoot. If it’s sexy or high fashion, I just embody those vibes once the camera starts shooting.

What’s your favorite accomplishment in modeling so far?
I have two. The first is when I went to Miami for Miami Swim Week last July, and modeled for swimsuit designers. The second is when I did a shoot for the Black Pyramid clothing line, and Chris Brown reposted it to his Instagram.

What would you say is your ultimate turn on?
A nice smile, skin and pretty eyes.

Who’s your favorite photographer?
Mert Alaş and Marcus Piggott, I’d love to do a high fashion shoot with them one day.

What’s something that most people would be surprised to find out when they actually meet you?
That I’m not stuck up. Most people see my model pics, or they see me in person, and they’ll think that. I’m not, I’m far from that. I’m very down to earth, chill and laid back. Probably the goofiest and ditziest person you’ll ever meet.

How can people get in contact with you?
For bookings you can email me at, and you can keep up with my work by following me on Instagram @_talishawilliams_ or on my website

All photos by: @_diegotomas

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