Black Love

The Quest Chronicles: Black Love

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It’s February, so that means it’s black history month! At the same time Valentine’s Day is the 14th so it’s the month of LOVE as well! Me being me, I combine the two so welcome to the month of Black Love!

I can’t front, when I see pictures of beautiful black couples, it makes me smile. To me, love has no color by as a woman of color it makes me happy to see. One of the real reasons why is because society always putting us on display like we all come from broken homes, we don’t know how to stay in relationships or showcase all the successful men especially athletes in biracial relationships.

Yes, there are broken homes, yes many have broken up and yes there are plenty of biracial couples, which is fine but not enough. Is still sad how we are displayed nationally especially on tv and magazines but this is where social media comes into play. This is the time we need to showcase out black love. Show that the stereotypes and hearsay is not all true or such a high percentage as they may put out there.

They don’t get enough credit nor shine. Like, it’s such a beautiful site watching a black king treat his queen properly. The way they love hard and go hard for one another. It’s like watching live art in my eyes.. That’s why it’s up to US to show them what we have, show them what we are made up, celebrate the love and unions that are out there striving. Something many have dreamed of as children. I’m watching, I’m loving and looking forward to my turn. Shout out to Black Love <3

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