[New Movie] Blackkklansman

Blackkklansman hit theaters on Friday August 10th. This film directed by Spike Lee, yes this was a Spike Lee Joint, was inspired by the true story of Ron Stallworth, the first black detective of the Colorado Springs Police Department, played by Ballers actor, J.D. Washington (Denzel Washington son). The film was phenomenal, and I wondered why it did not receive as much attention as the Marvel comic film Black Panther. Perhaps people are tired of seeing black? Either way, the film started out with the Stallworth story of being a rookie on the Colorado Springs Police Department. Opening up with all things black, including the stereotypical afro and fist in the air and patting of the afro. There are even some moments of the comic relief with  puns about “CP time” or colored people time, poking fun at black people always being late for said events. I even enjoyed some of the light-hearted humor and some of the serious topics regarding race relations in the 70s.

Spike Lee does a wonderful job at encapturing the experience of black college students and how important it is for young black educated professionals to use their education and influence to help develop the thought of the masses. That has always been something Spike Lee seem to be adamant about in most of his films, the influence of young black educated people. If you look closely there also historical references to David Duke, Stokely Carmichael, and many other historical figures both of the Black Power movement and of the white power movement. I more specifically enjoyed how the relationship between the president of the black student union and Stallworth was not overdone. Meaning, that the love scenes were a kept to a minimum and stayed true to the story of Ron Stallworth and his infiltration of the KKK and its ranks including David Duke.

I  highly encourage people to come out and see this film because although it is light-hearted humor there is also a message to be heard. Realizing that we are only a few generations removed that it seems history is repeating itself. Towards the end of the film, there are current events related to Trump and the race riots happening all over America regarding black lives matter and white lives matter. So if you haven’t, make sure you go out and support this film in theaters now.

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