Bone Thugs N Harmony

[THROWBACK THURSDAY] Second Time Around via @TenthLetterMed

The movement known as Hip-Hop has spawned some of the most memorable duos and factions. With The Sugar Hill Gang setting the blueprint, the genre has been just as successful in being both relevant and dominate over the past 40 years. From Run-DMC, Wu-Tang Clan, N.W.A. and countless others, the mantra of strength in numbers will always show and prove the lifestyle and culture that is Hip-Hop.

With another #ThrowbackThursday upon us, both we and Straight Official Magazine like to go back in the day to check out album releases that added to the lineage of this movement. This week we highlight three acts stepping back in the booth for sophomore efforts. Be sure to check in with us each Thursday for more #TBT and be sure to share and comment down below! #GetSOM #DueSeason

July 25th 1995: Bone Thugs n Harmony Releases E. 1999 Eternal

The Midwest emerged into Hip-Hop during the haze of the East Coast/West Coast “feud” and was well represented by the quintet out of Cleveland. BTNH would produce their second album under Ruthless/Relativity Records just four months after the death of their mentor Eazy E. There’s a saying in Hip-Hop about a “sophomore jinx” where you’re 2nd album won’t be as successful as the 1st. The brothers Bone shattered that concept as they would sell a combined 16 million records (U.S. and worldwide) and hold the Billboard 200 charts hostage for two weeks. Iconic singles like “1st of tha Month” and “Tha Crossroads” in which the latter would serve as tribute to their mentor, will forever cement their legacy in Hip-Hop as more than just a one-time act but a mainstay in the movement.

July 26th 1988: Eric B. And Rakim Releases Follow The Leader

The Golden Era of Hip-Hop was truly that as legends in the industry shined both metaphorically and physically. The Long Island duo of Eric B. and Rakim would bless the booth again one year prior to their Paid In Full debut. The self-produced project would feature the single “Microphone Fiend” which displayed Rakim’s lyrical prowess. The sophomore jinx was absent from this group as they would reach gold status in sales as well as a #22 spot on U.S. Top Pop charts. In most circles, the album was received well amongst critics and considered more diverse than their first album. Talk about progression!

June 27th 1999: The Hot Boys Release Guerilla Warfare

The summer of 1999 was indeed a hot one for them Cash Money brothers! Fresh off the “universal” deal from Universal Records and their first project Get It How You Live!, Lil Wayne, Juvenile, BG and Turk would feature the Big Tymers this go round to produce another classic album! With the great Mannie Fresh on production, the album boasted that Southern style of Hip-Hop with hit singles like “We On Fire.” For all those who anticipated the release were anything less than disappointed as the album debut at #1 on Top R&B/Hip-Hop charts and #5 on Billboard 200 respectively. Had to make sure I put some respect on that!!

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