The Quest Chronicles: Family Awareness

We are family! Got all my sisters with me. You all remember the song? I’m sure you all remember the quote “Blood is thicker than water” too. Do you know the importance of the blood in your body? The body can’t function the way it’s suppose to unless the blood is flowing properly. The blood is important just like family is. Charity starts at home.

As family, we should be each other’s first love, best friend, biggest cheerleader , supporter and fan. In most cases, it’s not like that & it breaks my heart. We have to break this generational curse because it seems like it’s only getting worse.

When was the last time you called you mom, dad, sister, brother or even cousin to check on them? Not saying “how you doing” & then ask for something because that doesn’t count. When you get to the point that you have to prepare yourself before answering the call from a family member because you know what the call is going to be about ahead of time is a problem.

FOE (Family Over Everything) We have to get back to that, especially if the relationship is there or fixable depending on your situation or circumstance. I’m tired of the “Whatchu want” tone when on the phone because the only reason someone may call is because they want something. I’m tired of only taking time out to visit family because someone passed a way. All of a sudden we start to get those ” I’m so sorry for your loss” phone calls, text massages & DM’s. You were not checking for me before so why now? Did you get a wake up call or is this just a “moment” of sympathy?

Yes, in situations that brings the family together should be a hint that we have to work harder to keep the family love strong but it’s temporary. It’s the same speeches every funeral but then nothing changes. It reminds me of church services where the pastor would preach, it’s relate-able to people lives, you hear them say “I know that’s right pastor”; “I know that message was for me.” Few hours later, back to the same shenanigans.

This has to stop. Life is too short. We mush bring back the love. We must make the time for one another. We can’t be too consumed with other parts of life. I speak about it often that life can be hectic and overwhelming but sacrifices and adjusting has to be made. We have to stop trying to make change when it’s too late or talk about it but then don’t put no action behind it. It’s a lose lose when there’s room to win.

Like always, leave your comments below because I truly desire to know how you feel and if you’ve ever been in these situations.

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Originally Published July 1st 2017

Fashion has always resonated within Hip-Hop for as long as the movement has been around. Iconic brands such as Cross Colors, FUBU and Karl Kani were born during Hip-Hop’s renaissance period and helped to coordinate the swagger and bravado that the genre embraces.


SEVIN FIGURES CLOTHING is the next brand that is quickly becoming a household name here in Indianapolis. Founded in 2016, the brand was designed for the elite with class and originality as well as for those who desired wealth. On the eve of its one year anniversary, SFC has not only impacted the fashion scene in Naptown but also the community itself.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Taz “Stuntman” Fox who is the visionary behind the brand. Fox is both a vested artist and businessman in the Circle City, serving as the CEO of Stuntman Entertainment and founder of the popular I N HALE TV series. We caught up on old times within the confines of his “workshop” to find out more about this venture and what’s in store moving forward.


For anyone who knows him, Taz has always been about his business with only his passion for music coming in at a close second. “I’ve always been a grinder and have been telling folks that I would be a millionaire. I go one figure at a time and I’m on my way to the seventh, trust me.” When I asked him about the influence behind SFC he expressed the desire to be both marketable and relative to the community as a whole. “When coming up with a clothing line, I wanted to provide something that has no limits in terms of demographics or culture.”

Fox and his business partner John Grice have been spreading SFC across the city and opening doors for those who cannot do it themselves. The philosophy behind the name of the brand is solid. “In order to create millionaires you have to support executive decisions, and Sevin breaks down in a acronym to Supporting Executive Visions Is Necessary.” The brand provides affordable, stylish clothing that ranges from T-Shirts, Polos and an upcoming denim line. Fox also keeps the ladies in mind with his widely popular Pretty Potheads line. 

To celebrate the success of Sevin Figures Clothing, the brand will be presenting the 4th annual Gemini Bash, hosted by the newest viral comedic sensation Jeremiah Phillips. “I throw a birthday bash every year and this year is also a celebration of success as well as a visual launch of the clothing line. It’s gonna be fun man, Gemini’s TURN UP!!

You can locate Sevin Figures Clothing via their Facebook page, in which you can also order directly from the page and stay tuned for the launch of the official website for Sevin Figures Clothing coming soon.

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