OK, I would like to start this article off by stating that this is in no way set up to bash Ms. Rucci. I am a fan of her music and I want to see the young artist win. I am however, a blogger, a DJ, and a fan of the HipHop culture as a whole. I am firm believer in the saying “there is no future in fronting” and so when things come across my desk that don’t add up – I have to do my job and keep the streets informed. Sometime in January a list popped up on Instagram called THESCTOP20. It created a small buzz in and around South Carolina, some people liked the list and some didn’t. Then on March 21st, Renni posted a pic of her on Instagram at the QC label signing a document as if to imply that she is actually signing to the Quality Control label. I even re-posted that pic and congratulated her on the major move. That was epic in my eyes for a female MC from the S.C.; right along with A’ja Wilson being the only three time SEC Player of the Year and #1 WNBA Draft Pick

Then i got an I got an email with a flyer that was posted on Instagram that had Renni listed as a QC artist and then one of the same flyer with her as just an artist.

And hey, mistakes are made on flyers all the time, as a Dj I know that so I really didn’t pay that much attention at all. But when the article came out in April; written by Darryl Roberston, I was then interested as too which is it – signed or not? I would be greatly disappointed if it wasn’t true. I fell the Carolina’s are behind Renni. She shouldn’t have to pull any publicity stunts to further her career. She is a very talented artist and she writes her own material. I have even played her songs on my radio mixes and even a few mixtape placements. Recently when I play her songs in the clubs the reaction from the crowd is all love. So i would think that QC the label would be smart enough to sign her and not pass up on the opportunity. Renni Rucci is one of the hottest female artist’s coming out of the Carolina’s. Alongside spitters like Story Bricks, Jazmine Phoenix, B. Kiddo, Yazzy, and JuJu to name a few.

The streets of the Carolina’s need to know what the deal is. I have checked Quality Control’s official Instagram and there is no announcement of them signing a deal with Renni. There are no picture’s of her and Coach K or Baby Coach (A&R for QC). I have reached out to a few of my QC DJ friends and even they don’t know. So I guess myself and the rest of the world will have to wait and see exactly how this plays out. Either way… it’s a good look for the Carolina’s.

Follow Renni Rucci on Twitter @RENNIRUCCI and Instagram @RENNIRUCCI_

Check out her latest video “TOP OFF” by clicking the link below.

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[MUSIC] All I Know Is Yayo: BLOW 305

Oscar Vandyke III, also known as Blow 305; is an American rapper and arising songwriter reared in Miami Florida. He is a graduate of Miami Northwestern Senior High school, home of the well noted Performing and Visual Arts Center; where his love for music and songwriting began. Performing in various talent shows ignited the spark that has fueled his passion to become a major force in the music industry. The musical style he embodies is heavily influenced by rap predecessors Nas, Rakim, and Dade County’s very own Trick Daddy Dollars. His music can be described as an eclectic mix of old school Hip-Hop meets new school Trap music.
His prevailing singles: Change Your Life, Beverly Hills, Wake Up, Californication, I Like, Think About Me Still and Find My Way have received rave reviews from ICloud and YouTube followers as well as rap enthusiasts.  His relentless drive to succeed coupled with the desire to be ardently devoted to his crafts has set him far above average. Currently working with Christinna Reed and the Nfinate 8 Promotion team, Blow 305 is currently tearing up clubs around the Carolina’s. With the release of his latest EP “WHO IS BLOW 305?” already out in the streets making waves, Blow 305 is destined to make a major statement in the music industry. His current single “Miami for The Weekend” is on its way to becoming the South Florida anthem for Summer 2017 and here is the video exclusively on


You can also follow Blow 305 on these social media platforms

Instagram: BLOW_305

Twitter: BLOW_305


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