Since the dawn of Anime, or Japanese animation, quite a few have gained a cult following. Myself, I watch many different animes. Some people might just stick to one particular series. From only watching it on certain days on tv in the past, to being able to just YouTube many today, the excitement for it has never faded, well, at least to cool kids like you and I. Some classics from the 1980s are still very enjoyable to this day, as well as some newer animes that have caught my attention. Here’s some of my favorites.


Released in the 80s, This one is an eternal classic. The graphic content, the storyline, the suspense, everything is perfect!!!!! The animation in Akira has set the standard for most anime that you see today! If you’ve never watched this one, you are seriously tripping. Akira and chill, anyone?

Dragon Ball

The entire Dragon Ball series needs no introduction. Everyone knows the entire series is freaking awesome! Well, apart from Dragon Ball GT, who wrote,or even thought of that crap? I’m so glad Akira Toriyama had ZERO parts of that monstrosity. Anyway, GT was not canon,but Dragon Ball Super is! I can’t wait for the tournament of power to happen!


Believe it or not, I’m just now getting into Naruto. So far, I’m quite impressed with the story line. I wish I could write more about this one, but I have to continue watching.

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