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Chi-town Urban Radio, a diverse radio show that showcases underground Talent, along with mainstream hits and topics hosted by DJ Malone he started doing this show due to the fact that he wanted to make a show that reminding him of the old days, And wanted coming up and do a nice put together show! And he did just that,  The shows airs on Tuesday on texas101jams  and And on Wednesday que4radio [1680am] in Chicago. Crash April he celebrated his fifth-year anniversary show! Along the years the show has become a platform where people can showcase their talents, By having guest Deejays, guest host, and also the heaviest of topics. Check out the by going to

Check out A clip From Anniversary Show



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[INTERVIEW] Tae Brown Sits With DJ Malone

Last show Tae Brown a upcoming conscience Artists Talks about his upcoming in the music game, How he feels, About the farewell speech.

His Thoughts on “Getting cds in this day of age” Dj Malone & Ebony talk to where were they when Barack Obama. Tae’s Music has J cole vibe!

To check out the full interview Please Click here. 



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