[SPORTS] One and Done…

One and done…

For some ironic reason the NBA had a “soft” no straight out of high school policy and 10 years ago made it official, NBA prospects must be at least 1 year removed from High school before they could go to the NBA. I always found this peculiar, as you do not have such restrictions in Baseball or Hockey where kids are drafted and in the pro leagues within Months.

While so many do not want to play the race card here is what my study found… According to the MLB 60% of its players were White while less than 10% were Black in the year of 2014. In the same year the NHL declared 98% of its players White. However in 2014 the NBA had a Black majority of 75%.

When I look at these numbers I cannot help but wonder what makes the NBA think their league needs to be run this way. In other leagues there are no restrictions and furthermore there are no confines in this Capitalist America so why such limitations? If you are qualified why can you not do the job? We hear all the sad stories of young Black Men making so much money and losing it all, my question is why does the NBA care? Moreover if they really cared why not do more to assist the athletes with money management etc…

Let’s take it one step further… I strongly believe that by instituting a requirement where players can’t go to straight to the NBA they are now “forced” to go to college for a “One and done” season. If a player is a stud and makes his team great that results in Major Coins for the Universities on the back of the Athlete. Personally, I see this as a form of slavery. By winning the National Championship in his sole season at Syracuse Univ the school earned MILLIONS for which Carmelo did not see a dime. Players can’t be paid in college or take as much as a free lunch or borrow a car without being scrutinized. This is utterly ridiculous and while I have no evidence strongly believe the policy of one and done was influenced by the NCAA to stuff their pockets.

I commend current Knicks 6th man Brandon Jennings who decided he was not going to college and played in a Euro league for one season made his paper and entered the draft the following season. If you have first round draft talent and do not intend on staying in College for 4 years to get your degree I say get your money like any other red blooded American.

I look forward to the day when ALL Athletes Matter and can earn their money equally.



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