The Quest Chronicles: The Wingman

A Wingman: a guy you bring along with you on singles outings (like to bars) that helps you out with the women. Now if you’re out & the female is engaging instantly, how long do you still allow the wingman to speak for you?

I remember I was out to lunch & this guy kept starring at me so I smiled back to be polite. In my mind I felt that since I gave the hint to approach me, he would. So many men are becoming predictable, I pretty much knew how this was going to turn out. Me being me, I was curious so I entertained myself with the next approach.
After this man kept looking at me, I got up and acted as if I was leaving. This indicating that he possibly lost his chance at getting my number or even knowing who I am. He hissed at me, I turned & said, “only snakes hiss, that’s no way to get a lady’s attention”. That’s when they laughed & of course the wingman was the first to speak to me. It was awkward because clearly the other guy wanted to talk to me but as soon as I was in his face, he barely had much to say. It almost came to a point where I was tempted to give the wing man my number since technically he’s the one i’m conversing with. Let’s be clear, I could have but I didn’t. It would be hurtful & the wingman would have just given my number to his friend because he was pressing for me to give my number to him already.
I actually had to ask if he could talk because i’m trying to figure out why the wrong one is still conversing with me and speaking for someone who can clearly speak for themselves.  How this story ends, well I eventually gave him my number, we been secretly dating for 2 years and expecting a child… just kidding but let’s continue with the topic at hand because now I have QUESTions.
How old are we? Why are we still playing these games? Yes, some may be intimated to speak to someone they find attractive or fascinating but once you get the GO… why are you still acting as if the light is red or yellow proceeding with caution? In some cases, the wingman actually ends up with the girl because women like men with confidence who can speak for themselves. Playing games like this is not always going to work in your favor. Are you OK with these risks?
What many fail to realize is, acting like this can actually be a turn off especially being of age. These men were clearing in their 40’s or early 50’s, I expected more from them but I ended up disappointed as usual. Will the madness ever end? Dating is so difficult…SMH!
My life, my stories, your entertainment so you know what’s coming up next. That’s right, leave your comments below & let me know how you feel about the wingman, have you been one or used one? Better yet for the ladies, have you ever been in a  situation where the wingman approached you and please let me know the outcome because I’ve very curious. 

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[EVENT] #NaeNaeOnTheScene: The Green House Affect


I hope everyone had a blessed and safe Mother’s Day weekend. It’s your girl, NaeNae of Chasing My Dreamz bringing you another ‘NaeNae On The Scene’ event review.  This Mother’s Day weekend your girl was out and about on the scene at a few different events in the city. So here is part one of my eventful weekend. On Friday nite, I found myself at The Green House Affect, which is an open mic that happens every other Friday. The Green House Affect is held at Julia’s Homestyle/Caribbean restaurant. Admission is only $5 and there are $5.99 menu specials that night and you can also bring your own liquid beverage.  This event has been going strong for 5 years and counting. Well-known poet, jus Will created this open mic because around that time quite a few open mics were closing. Then a year later, Brittany B partnered up with him. When you enter The Green House Affect, they make you feel like you are family. ‘Where soulful warming is real’, is their motto; you’ll get your soul fed with a mix of everything from comedy to poetry to music.


Funny man, Fo’Sho, hosts the show and DJ iSM is on the 1s and 2s. The show has a 10 slot open mic list, so if you want to get on the mic you need to get there early ‘cause that list fills up super fast. The Green House Affect also has a special guest on the show. Sometimes their special guest comes from out of town to perform. This particular night, it was Indy’s very own, Zachery Le’on. He has been making some noise around town with his new album, Muddy Hands of a SinnerZachery performed four songs that night one of which was the hit song, Westside. Everybody on the list did a dope job performing. Comedian, Cre kicked it off by letting the audience know she’s ‘churchy but she cuss’. LOL. Then music artists; King ShiedShon DonJacksonRhetoryk, and Blxck Kxng each rocked the mic. After a brief intermission, The Green House Affect’sofficial birthday singer, Megan Simonton, sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to a few people. Sandy and Nate hit the audience with some dope poetry. Singer, Chris Shye, had everyone grooving to his song and just how it started with laughs, it ended with laughs as DLee had the audience hollering with laughter.

Check out the clips below.




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