INTERVIEW: Picasso De Conscience TALKS ON NEW HOT SINGLES |@picassodeconscience

Picasso De Conscience is a versatile artist who talks about trap activities, money, history, government, and spirituality while naturally painting you a picture. He comes from Bellwood, IL with a versatile sound and tracklist. He delivers original words and while delivering a clear and concise flow.

In the new single “Why” it’s asked why we do the things we do & explains why we cannot trust anything that meets the eye.

He gets you to think about what people do for money and their daily life. A bold declaration letting you know what he will and will not do!

He shows us that with his continuous drive that’s been kept in midst of the coronavirus. The lockdown didn’t affect him as you hear in the interview with Dj Malone & Shayla Marie

Chi-Town Urban  Radio 

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