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 Queen J is a blogger and will have podcasts aired on DA FRONT PORCH RADIO Wednesdays at 8pm est.

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What is your name and where are you from? Jayla Perry from Ft. Worth, TX

How did you get into poetry? I started going to poetry slams when I transferred to UNT and it became an outlet for me.

Where is your favorite place to chill and relax? If I’m not in bed or sleeping I love to be on the beach or with my sisters. I’m always at work!

What got you into blogging? A few people from school told me that I would have good content for YouTube (since people always watch what I do anyway) so I tried it out to see how it would go!

What got you into blogging? I’m currently trying to get back into modeling and acting. I try and update my YouTube as often as possible

How can people find you on social media? Twitter; XOQUEENJ_

  Snapchat; jayla_reneeee

    Insta; badgyal.jayla


What is your definition of a hustler? A hustler to me is anyone that goes after what they want without letting anything hinder their vision. To be a hustler you gotta be dedicated, goal oriented, motivated, strong, and positive. There will always be people and obstacles trying to distract you and tear you down but it’s how you avoid it that matters. 

Besides your cellphone, what are two things you can’t live without? First and foremost I could not live without God. I couldn’t live without Cranberry Juice and Water. It’s all I drink! I also couldn’t live without music and my journal. It’s a true outlet that helps me through everything. 

What is your favorite color and why?Pink and Yellow are my favorite colors. They not only look good on me but they’re truly how I feel! If colors were an emotion those would be mine all the time. I’m a positive person who’s generally always happy. 

What would you like to see changed in your community?  In the black community, I would love to see more love. Everyone else hates us so much for just being alive, we shouldn’t have that from one another. 

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Amelia Cole is from Portland, Oregon and currently, resides in the beautiful city of Miami after moving to California to pursue a career in modeling. She always knew that her calling was music. If you ask Amelia Cole who is important in her life, she will tell you it is her son. And when speaking about getting respect in the entertainment industry, Amelia Cole says that it is very important.

On her 7 year lane in Miami, Amelia Cole has gained notoriety throughout the hhip-hopmarket. She has been a featured video vixen in music videos including Flo Rida, Movado, Ace Hood, French Montana, Rick Ross, Yo Gotti, DJ Khaled, Sean Kingston, YG (up and coming artist), Haitian Fresh, Scotty Boi MMG, KKutta, Jimmy Dade, YD, Nino Brown, Siti Slicker and Rough World and many more to get her face out there.

Amelia Cole kept grinding from the music video scenes to the clubs from South Beach to Ft. Lauderdale hosting events and branding her name. She knew with the right song, her career would take off and she also understood the importance of having a positive and respectable name in the streets and on social media. During this time, Amelia Cole participated in acting classes to build her portfolio as well as a photo shoots with some of Miami’s elite photographers. You can expect to see Amelia Cole on cable channel revolved around hip hop, hint hint.

Amelia Cole called this an investment working with popular names such as KeyFootage, Camp Studios, Queens Mag, Official Too Low and Alcole Studio.

Now we are approaching summer 2017 with a major move from Amelia Cole with the track OPRAH. OPRAH is a hip-pop track that her and her team created to inspire women and promote women empowerment. Amelia Cole’s single OPRAH can be purchased on iTunes and has reached number one on Miami’s hiphop radio station Da Blaze FM 88.7. And now with Strong Arm having her back, the glass ceiling has finally shattered and now the sky is truly her limit.
“Music has always been a talent of mines since I was a lil’ girl. I am a recording artist! Stay tuned! Dreamer, I am dreamer forever chasing my dream and it’s very possible!”

“To gain respect you have you have to show ambitions at what you do..”

“It’s a great feeling when you see yourself on a flyer, that’s when I realized I have a shot in the industry.”

Never give up, always have faith and hope. – Amelia Cole

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