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Dave East has been a victim of false calculations and news.  The artist dropped his album a little over a week ago. It has been rumored to of brought in seriously low numbers. Posts in he media have fans puzzled since the artist seems to be extremely popular and thriving in his career. Today the rumors can be squashed. The artist has went to instagram posting proof of his standing on the Billboards Top 200 as #11.  Now that the controversy can come to a end Dave East and his fans can relax and enjoy the success of his album.

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Dave East Highlights 4/20 Edition AF1 Shoe

After a long morning of nonstop running yesterday I decided to take a break and mindlessly scroll through the abyss of 4/20 advertisements all over my Instagram feed. As I scrolled quickly from one advertisement to another, I ended up catching a glimpse of  a shoe. This shoe was something I had never seen before and it looked as though it was a Nike AF1 with what looked like weed as the swoosh symbol. I quickly stopped scrolling and had to click on the video Dave East had posted on his Instagram just minutes before. After watching the video a couple times I finally grasped the concept that the weed was in fact real weed on the side of the AF1-420 concept shoe. Further research led me to know each shoe contains 3.5 grams of weed on each side of the swoosh symbol. This very high demand shoe is beyond unique and  I am loving the way it looks. I think the most exciting aspect of this shoe is that it is coming out of Harlem, so of course the Harlem native Dave East is on board representing.  Dave East tagged the video with @allharlemworld which has the slogan of Everything Harlem, From Harlem, For the World. The shoes can be pre-ordered now  from visiting @futuresoriche on Instagram.

Link to Video

Link to All Harlem

Link to Futuresoricher


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