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Hey Young World! The Paragon Project by Delayne Whiteside

Have you ever been to a high school talent show and as the performers did their thing,  you knew that the potential was there in each and every kid, but the talent still needed to develop? Or let’s say you went to a high school musical and you were able to distinguish the high schoolers that took their craft seriously as opposed to the ones that needed that drama credit to graduate? Well that wasn’t the case when it came to the students of Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center last Friday. This vocational school in Columbus, Ohio offers career study in business and health, however the school is mostly known for it’s Performing & Visual arts. On Friday Jan. 5 2018 I was invited by The Maroon Arts Group to come check out the cd release for The Paragon Project. The students were chosen based on their talent and skill to contribute to this project. TPP is the  brainchild of Dr. Tony Anderson, that happens to be the assistant principal of Fort Hayes. Dr. Anderson is a part of the growing number of professionals that have played a major part in the Hip Hop industry in their younger years, and are now making contributions in education with the experience of their former music backgrounds. Anderson spent years on the management side and the production team of Hip Hop band The Roots before they went to late night television with Jimmy Fallon. He also received direct tutelage from the late Rich Nichols, (official manager of the The Roots.) Jason Rawls better known as J. Rawls, producer for hip hop greats such as Mos Def & Talib Kweli, is another hip hop icon of Columbus Ohio that just received his doctorate last year, and he has plans in the future of opening a grade school with a hip hop based curriculum. Kudos to them!

Anyway, getting back to the experience. Upon entering the auditorium of the Columbus Performing Arts Center on Franklin Ave., I was amazed at the turnout. There were people willing to stand in the aisles because the place was packed. “We were blown away by the turnout, I mean, we did all the due diligence in terms of marketing, but nothing prepared us for the wall to wall standing room turnout, the kids were definitely moved by it.” says Dr. Anderson. I walked in on a cover performance sung by MyKesha Corbin “Love On The Brain” originally performed by pop artist Rihanna. The crowd roared with excitement as the student body, that took up the first three rows, cheered her on. The next performance returned me into the b-boy of yesteryear. TPP did a cover of “Ain’t Nobody” by Chaka Khan and I commenced to pop locking right there in the rows. From there, the audience and I had one thing in common…we knew these kids were special and that was just the warm-up.

After a brief intermission filled with networking and fine cuisine provided by Willowbeez SoulVeg vegan eatery, the students took to the stage to present their original music. Mind you, being in this business for 21 years, I can usually tell the difference between locally recorded music and industry production. I was astonished. Every track I heard felt like it belonged on the radio or in a motion picture score. What was more intriguing was the videos that told the stories behind the songs. Each student received a chance to interpret the song for the listening audience. One particular song resonated with me. Get Back To Me by Abby Deneke is on constant repeat in my playlist. Not only is the song remarkably written, the production and arrangement would give SZA or Kehlani a run for their money. The song talks about making a decision to separate yourself from something or someone you love to regain yourself and your focus back. “Sometimes we love something too much and we end up losing ourselves. I wrote this song based on something personal I was dealing with, and creating it served as a bit of therapy for me” says Deneke. The next song I enjoyed off of the cd was “We Go High”. It’s a fun song with a house tempo by Pia Monagan. The songs takes it’s cues from the Michelle Obama speech during the 2016 presidential campaign. Monagan cleverly infused Obama’s speech into her song. “We really invested in breakout sessions and presented round table discussions to get the kids to open up and be themselves. That allowed them to move freely in their craft.” says Dr. Anderson 

DJ Mr. King from Power 107.5fm (WCKX) hosted the evening and was quite supportive of the youth. “I wanted to come from behind that curtain and start dancing with them” say King. One parent said “Their level of talent is unbelievable. While some children are thinking about new outfits or the next party, these kids work tirelessly to hone their skill and continue to advance. If they stick with it, their dedication will take them far.”

The Paragon Project project is being well received by a number of media outlets around Central Ohio and across the nation. Dr. Tony Anderson is dedicated to seeing his students learn not only their craft, but the music business as well. He says in closing “Rich Nichols (RIP) manager of The Roots was my mentor. He was so wise, not only about the business, but his philosophies dealing with life were awesome. He taught me things no book can teach you about this industry. Little pieces of information he dropped on me I still use to this day. I’m  just looking to impart that same wisdom into my kids. I’m very proud at what they have accomplished” 

The Paragon Project is a great musical investment. It is now available on all streaming sites. And for all you  music snobs, it will be a great way to brag, knowing you may have a piece of artistry before any of these artists actually become rich and famous.





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[INTERVIEW] On The Table: Ron E Polo Speaks w/ DJ Layne Luv


It really takes balls #pause… to go after your dreams. I’ve been listening to a lot of Steve Harvey videos where he tells his listeners and viewers that they have to “JUMP” out their comfort zone and try to live life on their terms. Well that is exactly what the 27 year old native of Columbus, Ohio did. He loaded up the truck and he moved to Beverly….Hills that is…swimming pools…movie stars. Actually it was Los Angeles but we’ll keep that other city for pun’s sake. It was a gamble that paid off pretty quickly as his name has spread through the City of Angels and across the internet worldwide. Ron E Polo is no stranger to the grind it takes to be successful in Hip Hop culture. He’s been rapping for 5 yrs professionally. He has a hands on approach to the promotion of his art, which has secured him a spot on a number of national tours such as Snoop Dogg’s Snoopadelic Tour and a few openers for Kevin Gates.

The awesome thing about this rapper from Columbus, is that he has range…not just in his lyrical delivery but in real life. While he was in town for the HoliDaze literally, he put on a charity show for the less fortunate entitled The HoliDaze Concert. It also served a dual purpose as he was releasing his new project Critic Talk 2 on Christmas Day.

OTT catches up with the upcoming rapper to see where his head is at these days:

OTT: What was your motivation for doing charities like The HoliDaze Concert for giving back to your community?

REP: People with platforms have responsibility, and we just wanted to help by raising awareness to a couple of charities that are near and dear to us. Not only that, but we put on a few artist from the area that may have needed exposure and wanted to rock that night. The guests didn’t have to pay a cover, if they chose not to, however they still got in if they brought a canned good or a children’s toy. It’s a great feeling to know you’re doing something good for the community that made you.

OTT: I was able to get a pre-release copy of Critic Talk 2, and it was a breath of fresh air to hear a professionally produced body of work that told wonderful stories with great production. Why did you choose that direction versus something trendy that can put you on the radio quicker? 

REP: Oh I make that kind of music too. LOL But I grew up on the greats, Jay Z, Dr Dre, and Kanye West so. I grew up on the east side of Columbus, and the section I grew up in, the neighborhood kids took to East Coast rap so that played a major role in my lyrical content and delivery. When it’s all said and done you just have to be who you are. And my entire team is dedicated to bringing forth a good sound.

OTT: So you just got off tour with Uncle Snoop, what was that like?

REP: We didn’t do the whole tour we just did some dates like the show in Indianapolis. We opened for Kevin Gates when he did a show in Columbus. What we were doing at the time before we left for L.A. was resume building, and we were just catching artists while they were touring the midwest… and through strategic planning, we hopped on their shows.

OTT: What can listeners expect from the *New project Critic Talk 2?

REP: It’s another Hip Hop story to add to the legendary book. I want to tell it from the perspective of a kid that grew up on the South end of Parsons in Columbus but would later gain a gospel influence in DC from listening to my grandfather’s gospel group, and also witnessing the stories from my family that lived in Chicago. It’s the trials and tribulation and the triumphs of my life that I’m sure will resonate with a lot of people.

OTT: Where can potential fans find you on the internet?:

REP: The first place they can go is . That is where all of my music is. I mean a do have a project on iTunes people can buy, but that’s not the point right now. I can put out an album every 2 weeks if I wanted to, but my focus isn’t on the money yet more than focusing on where I want to go as an artist. I’m also on DatPiff as well.

OTT: Well Straight Official thanks you, and we wish you much success in 2017. Please send us all the exclusives as we will be monitoring your musical journey!

REP: Will do!








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