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Dreka Gates took to Instagram to share her thoughts and feelings when visiting Eastern State Penitentiary. She touched on the subject of solitary confinement. She also elaborated on the positive effects of meditation for prisoners. It is clear that she feels very passionately on the subjects. Her post read:
We visited @eastern-state penitentiary. At one point in time this was considered an “innovative” model of what prisons should be. Their model was built on the idea that solitary confinement was the answer, the best punishment, and the best way to “rehab” people that did crimes. This entire prison was built and made for the inmates to spend 23 hours in their cell and 1 hour out. It wasn’t long before they realized that wasn’t and still to this day ISN’T the answer for “rehabilitation.” I recently watched a documentary that showed that forms of meditation is what can actually help to change a persons mindset. Most people that are in and out of jail or are habitual offenders/stay in trouble are dealing with some sort of trauma that they have yet to heal from. That is the reason why they always find themselves repeating the same negative behavior. That goes for people who may not have necessarily been in and out of jail their entire lives but always find themselves in bad/negative situations and the only common factor in those situations is themselves. No one is perfect and we’ve all experienced some of sort trauma growing up, trauma from past lives, have experienced something that you may not have even thought was much but could have been as simple as your mom promising to take you for ice cream after school and she didn’t and for some reason you unconsciously just held on to that and unbeknownst to yourself, that shit has affected the way you deal with people. Maybe you always feel like everyone is a liar or that no one will ever hold up their end of the bargain, JUST because of something that happened to you as a child. The mind is a powerful thing. Your behavior as an adult stems from experiences as a child and programming that you unknowingly went through. That isn’t the end all be all. You can UNPROGRAM yourself through meditation and release trauma and change your path! Nothing happens overnight. Everything’s a process but let me tell you…it works and there are studies to prove it. We all have the power to heal ourselves. In order for us to heal ourselves we have to see it, feel it, & deal with it. #feeldealheal
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