Number One Sun Releases Hip-Hop Album for Kids

One,Two Grow On by Number One Sun cover image Hip-Hop album for kids

What is the last Hip-Hop album you played for your kids? As a parent, and lover of Hip-Hop, it is hard to find music that is “appropriate” in a family setting. With the new album One, Two Grow On, Number One Sun is up to the challenge. It’s Hip-Hop made for kids, but not just for kids. Funky beats, clever rhymes, and great storytelling will make this a hit with the whole family.

The first song sets the tone, asking “Whatcha Wanna Do? (Have Fun!).” Other songs like “I Think Big,” and “Curiosity,” promote messages of self-worth, social responsibility, and the value of asking questions. The storytelling in “Once Upon A Time…” is superb in delivery, yet simple in subject. Children can relate to it because the rhymes are geared towards their interests. His daughters also join in on several songs, including the hilarious “Pesky Penguins,” and the lovely, reggae-inspired “Let’s Go to the Beach.”

#1 Sun doesn’t forget about the adults in the room either. Listen close and catch references to artists like Run DMC, Slick Rick, 50 Cent and more. The “Tickle skit” is a laugh-out-loud homage to the infamous “Torture” skit on Wu-Tang Clan’s debut album. ODB said “Wu-Tang is for the Children,” but Number One Sun is for everyone with children.

Listen to One, Two Grow On on Spotify, AppleMusic, Amazon Music, or just go to the website  

Children’s books based on favorite songs are coming soon. Look out for The Alphabet Book, (based on “The Alphabet Song”) and “Starlight, Star Bright” illustrated by Number One Sun also!

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The Quest Chronicles: Miss Me….NOT??

I MISS YOU! Message pop up in my DM. Sometimes you smile and then other times you cut the crap and reply, “Why?” or better yet, “What do you miss about me? They be like, ” You in general, your smile, your energy”… blah blah blah. Of course everything depends on who actually wrote it but at the same time, I personally don’t always accept it. Not trying to read too deep into the 3 words (I MISS YOU) but sometimes you have to challenge others. We’re getting too lazy with our speech and in conversations. We’re writing words and relaying words that we really don’t mean but are in routine of using.

I remember a friend in which I haven’t seen in a long time called me. You know he hit me with the “hey, stranger” & me being ME responded with ” You know my name so use it!” He laughed & said, “I MISS YOU! You can always make me laugh with your silly self.” I can always count on you to make me smile. In this case, it’s acceptable because me making him smile brought back happy memories that we both shared.

Sliding in the DM’s  are a different story. I be ready to shut it down asap. Depending on the words that they use. They really be trying to convince you that they REALLY miss you knowing that they don’t. Let’s be clear, you have NOT been thinking about me whatsoever. The ONLY reason you even contacted me was because of recent pictures I’ve posted on my wall or in my stories that got me looking “hella goood” and now you want to slide on in…. my DM! LOL You didn’t miss me nor miss me… you just saw me and NOW all of sudden thinking of  how I’m doing and trying to see what’s up. Not falling for it mister! LOL

My favorite are the ones looking for the same answer in response. When reunited with certain people that be like, “I really miss you.” I be like, “aaawwww really, you know my number never changes, you could hit me up anytime.” Then they be like, do you miss me? Once again me being me be like “NOPE”. Now the world has come to an end because I didn’t respond the way they had hoped. Technically what I said wasn’t bad, it was just the truth. I’m the type of person who means  what I say and say what I mean. I don’t MISS YOU but it is definitely refreshing seeing you and talking to you again. You haven’t been on my mind. We’re adults with so much going on that thinking of everyone you know it not realistic but if we run into each other of course, i’m going to smile and will be happy to catch up. That’s a given if we have good vibes.

I only truly miss my family when we don’t see each other often and that’s only the ones i’m close to and my best friends. Other than that, the rest of the people…NOPE but just know that it’s “good to see you again” We all remember that saying!LOL!

I say all this to say, say what you mean, mean what you say. Think about the words you put out there and make sure you can back them up especially when talking to someone who may challenge you. Don’t be offended, just try to understand. Like I stated earlier, we’re getting too lazy with our speech and in conversations. We’re writing words and relaying words that we really don’t mean but are in routine of using. I’m just here stating the REAL & bringing awareness! 😀

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