How does Nutrition Affect our Health| What’s Eating You

How does nutrition Affect our health| What's Eating You

How does Nutrition Affect our Health| What’s Eating You


The debut of the awesome show (WEY) What's Eating You with Daniel & Courtney

Posted by Daniel DC Owens on Saturday, July 13, 2019

How does nutrition Affect our health| What’s Eating You

The answer is just as complicated as it is simple.  We as a people are facing what looks like the peak of  a health crisis.  The world has seen mortality rates increase for a decade and the top 3 out of 4 causes of death are health related.  The earth is starting to show the effects of losing environmental stability due to our eating habits.

I’m not here to convince you or chastise you for your choices as I believe it ineffective when giving information or knowledge.  I do believe however,  that when someone sees what they believe to be an issue they should be able to speak up as so long as they have at least thought about a solution to said problem.   I also find it ineffective to just see the problem and only lend a voice to that side of the table.

What’s Eating You is a new show that gives the viewer a platform to participate in conversations involving the 4 pillars of Health, Wealth, Faith, and Family.  The pilot episode goes right into nutrition and how food is our ultimate connection to nature and the universe.  The show will air live on PowerPlay Radio Network and What’s Eating You Facebook page every 2nd and 4th Saturday starting at 1 p.m. CST.   Please feel free to like, share, and comment as your participation helps us pinpoint what is most important to you and your family.

Having a discussion centered around data and figuring out what root causes keep us caught in these vicious cycles will help spark ideas and create effective action plans.  Feel free to email at



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The Quest Chronicles: Insulted Love

I recieved many comments about last week’s topic: The Love Bully. People were writing about their personal experiences with the love bullies that have been in their lives. So this week I want to put a twist to it.

Yes, there are people who Express their love, affection & interests in you through playful arguments, insulted & being a bother but how healthy is that? Why so negative? Can we take it back to nice gestures & compliments?

How about when it comes to family, friends & co-workers? I’ve witnessed females calling each other the B word but in their reality is means “your my homegirl”, “I rocks with you”. Yes, the B word stemmed from an innocent word to something negative & now depending on how you use it, it’s a compliment? Spin it how you want, I still prefer not to be called it, just like the N word.

I noticed on teams, in schools & in work places coaches, teachers & managers/supervisors would ignore you, be extra hard on you, act like they don’t like you, having you questioning & thinking the Most! Meanwhile, you’re actually their favorite, the one they see have the best potential & depend/trust you more than the others. It’s their way to push you harder & their way of letting them know you’re awesome. Like, WHAT?!

Words of endearment or backwards compliments, you can save it! I don’t want to be called out my name. I don’t want to be ignored, talked down to, insulted & feeling like I’m being treated different from the others. Have my mind thinking, why don’t they like me, how come they’re coming at me so hard, how come I have to do all the work, why are they being so mean?!

Note, many do it to push you to your best potential & get thanked in the long run depending on the situation & I get that to a certain degree.

Me personally, wish people had new tactics, especially nowadays. The world is so cold & dark. There’s too much negativity all around. I don’t want to be an experiment. Just keep it real. Call me by my name. Tell me I’m doing great & keep up the good work. Don’t pick on me & insult me because I’m your family/friend so it makes it ok. Love me with real love. Let’s be nice. I know your not intentionally trying to hurt me, or make me feel some time of way but I’ll rather be a stranger in order to get respect because that’s what it looks like. I still love you all though lol

This is Ms Gotta Love Me herself, it’s T-Quest Tuesday & you’ve just been Questified! Show love by commenting, sharing & following me on social media at TQuestGLM

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