This past Sunday the newest entrepreneur from Indianapolis, Indiana released his anticipated line of bowties to the public. WILLIE VIVERETTE threw his designer hat into the fashion realm circle with his line of VIVERETTE TIES and to celebrate, he took over the Bella Marcia Event Center and invited every dream chaser in the city to not only celebrate his achievement, but to jumpstart their respective journey into entrepreneurship.

Viverette Ties Release Party Flyer

I spoke with Willie about his line and how he got the inspiration to create this unique line of bowties. Being a fashion connessuer, Willie got the idea while preparing to attend an event. “One day I was getting ready for this party that A Few Good Gentlemen we’re doing when I wanted this specific type of tie. I searched and searched and couldn’t find anything. A little voice in my head said “ Create it!”. I started the process and here we are now.”

Viverette Ties Logo

Willie also shared how his upbringing played a role in his decision to create Viverette Ties. “I grew up with no mom, no dad, no sisters or brothers, so my resources were limited. In my younger years, I’ve never really had anything to call my own or nothing that I felt like I could be proud of. When I use to go school, people would crack jokes on me because my clothes were old and outdated.” His love for fashion grew into a personal mission to be the freshest person in the world.

Willie Viverette

The name Viverette is not only his last name but is also French. “I’ve always been told that I have a unique last name but I never really entertained the thought of actually having something unique enough to carry the name. Once I started designing my bow ties, I then knew that this was a perfect opportunity to brand me and my son’s legacy for future generations to come.” The ties are made from a premium velvet and includes a lapel pin, cuff links and a pocket square.

I asked Willie what will make Viverette Ties stand out from the competition. The process and production are just a few of the selling points he spoke on. “Viverette separates its self by a number of reasons. One being the fabric quality that we use. We choose from over 75 different fabrics which means that we are hands-on with the designs. There are a lot of other people and companies that hire some one to do the choosing and I feel like that takes away from the innovation of the overall brand.”

Midwest Fashion Week (Photo Cred. Pride Photography L. White)

With his line already making huge noise at Midwest Fashion Week, I asked Willie about his future plans with Viverette Ties. Without hesitation he replied, “My plan for Viverette Ties is world domination! I don’t want anyone wearing anymore neck ties. Those are a thing of the past!” One of his visions was seeing his line featured overseas and this month, he will see another vision come to life as Viverette Ties will be featured during Midwest Fashion Week in Paris, France next month.

You can own your own Viverette Bowtie by using the following links below to place your order and you can follow Viverette Ties with the preceding information.

Willie Viverette (left)

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Facebook: Viverette Ties

IG: @viveretteties



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[BEAUTY] Conditioner Washing Your Natural Hair

Many of us are hip to the fact that natural hair is the new thing. You have read in past articles about easy DIY recipes, all natural skin care lines, and great tips to start your natural journey. Today, we are going over a specific step to add to your hair care routine that will hydrate your hair and cleanse it at the same time! Conditioner washing is an easy change to make to your lifestyle that has the potential to get you closer to your curl goals, having them poppin’ in no time!


This method of washing is not meant for all hair types, but is perfect for thick, curly/wavy hair. People with dry hair can also benefit from this moisture yielding, cleansing technique. Warning to all oily and thin hair types out there, this is not the method for you. Continue to read on though, this is information you can definitely pass along to someone craving some extra hydration for their brittle locks. Co-washing allows you to throw away your moisture-stripping shampoos and add a better, more nourishing product to your every day hair care.


After you’ve stayed loyal to this new technique,  you’ll notice a softness you’ve never felt and since you’re hydrating your hair a more defined curl pattern will be on display. You must always remember going natural is a process that requires dedication. It’s a commitment that requires effort , but is well worth it!


There are many methods and products you can use for this. One way, using the conditioner you already have in your shower. Instead of using the usual dime sized amount, slather it on your wet hair and massage it into your scalp. The water will loosen the dirt and once you massage, wash, and rinse your hair will be cleaner and more soft. There are a few issues with this method, but it is a good start to move towards a healthier hair routine.


One of the things you must watch out for are silicones as well as other unneccesary additives added to basic conditioners. That’s why most prefer using a co-wash specifically designed for their hair type. A common go-to is Cantu. It is cheap and free od silicones, parabens(wax), sulfates, and mineral oil. Designed for natural hair, Cantu offers a co-wash that cleanses and softens at an affordable price. There are many other brands that work just as well. Afew are Curls, Shea Moisture, and Carol’s Daughter (all carried at Target).


Using co-wash, amoung many other natural hair care products, will transform your dry, heat damaged, chemical ridden hair into beautiful tresses. Stay tuned every Tuesday to satisfy your natural beauty cravings from hair tips to skin care. Comment below with your questions, thoughts, and any personal stories about going natural!



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