[box_dark]1) What’s going on for those who don’t know who you are, please introduce yourself… (Brief
back ground of where you were born and raised)[/box_dark]

Im Dj Iceman The Soul Controller,from Brooklyn,New York now living in the great northwest (Tacoma Washington)

[box_dark]2) When did you first decide you wanted to enter into the music industry and why?[/box_dark]
I started djing when i was 9 and i never really thought i would get into it as a profession. i just LOVED music. but as i went on and got older the passion grew and here i am 30 years later still doing it and still loving music.

[box_dark]3 What projects are you currently working on?[/box_dark]
Im just doing a few mixtapes here and there, i got my show on 98.2 the beat and my slot on virtual dj radio.also doing various spot dates and demos for my sponsor, Vestax

[box_dark]4) What do you think of the current state of Hip Hop and the direction its headed?[/box_dark]

im a keep it 100 i think that there is too much mainstream garbage out there and not enough real hip-hop being exposed to the people.i dont mind the commercial stuff,but there has to be a balance.

[box_dark]5) What positive changes would you like to make within the music industry?[/box_dark]

I would like to see the respect for the dj come back and i would like to see more balance

[box_dark]6) How do you spend the ounce of free time you seem to have? Any hobbies?[/box_dark]

im a former mma fighter so if im not training im constantly watching fights

[box_dark]7)What message would you like to state to those who want to enter into the industry as Djs, Artists,
and Producers?[/box_dark]

always stay humble and NEVER lose respect for your craft

[box_dark]8 What do u like about the music biz and what don’t u like[/box_dark]

i love the creativity thats still out there, i hate the “numbers game” the industry has become its all about youtube views and twitter followers and it seems that real talent gets pushed to the back of the line for all the pretty packaging.

[box_dark]9) What would you like to state to those who have supported you throughout your life and within your
musical career? Any Shout Outs?[/box_dark]

just THANK YOU to everyone without you there is no me
shout out to fleet djs,wu djs,my L.O.E.E. family,Vestax,Styleflip,vapors kitchen,and all the other djs that do their thing and inspire me to keep doing what i do

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