Florida, Hip Hop artist- 5 One drops another classic mixtape

Brought to you by Fleet Djs Own Dj Mos Preciou


5 One From  Pensacola, Florida!

5 one dropped his second mixtape called The Scrimmage, as a music lover you will respect the effort that this talented brother put forth to bring you quality music. He represents the different side of the music that is or has come out of Florida over the last decade.

When you play and listen to this mixtape you will notice a deep and passionate voice that speaks about the realest situations that he has been through and many others. 5 One has been working on setting milestones for this area. Making song called “Why I do it” that speaks about why he work so hard to grind because he is doing it for his community.


The Scrimmage here

Network with 5 One here 

Brought to you by Dj Mos Precious of Fleet Djs
Brought to you by Dj Mos Precious of Fleet Dj


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