{Video} Killezzy – Type Of Times

A native of Moultrie, Georgia Killezzy has hit the ground running on his career breaking stages throughout the Southeast and hitting radio stations cultivating relationships.  A champion for work ethic, Killezzy records at his base studio “platinum recording studio” and frequents the legendary Street Execs studio house. With the release of his newest video for the track “Type Of Times”, Killezzy puts a supreme display of his talent on the forefront and gives promise with what is to come. Watch now.




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[INTERVIEW] Let’s Talk About The Series “Dining With Strangers”

A new YouTube series that is currently being filmed in Georgia has sparked a buzz! The title of the series is called “Dining With Strangers”. 

The mastermind behind this project is none other than Ghana native Jerry Osei-Tutu. Mr. Osei-Tutu is an educator in the Cobb County District of Georgia and the owner of

Recently, we were able to speak with Mr. Jerry. 

S.O. Hello, Mr. Jerry Osei-Tutu! Thank you kindly for taking a moment to speak with us here at Straight Official. Tell us a little bit about your business Dining With Strangers.

J.T.  Thank you for having me. Dining with Strangers is exactly what it says. This idea is about connecting everyday people together at a local restaurant to eat and discuss various topics and current events.

S.O. Excellent! I think the concept is great! It does seem like it’s easier to speak to strangers as opposed to people you know. Have there been any romantic connections or friendships created (that you know of) as a result of attending a Dining With Strangers event?

J.T.  You know what Firstclasse, you are right, it is much easier for people to open up to strangers as opposed to people we know, but we do less of that. This society has gotten us afraid to converse with one another; that’s why I came up with this idea for a show. No there haven’t been any romantic connections as of yet because we are still in the infancy of the show. We are shooting our 3rd and 4th episode this Saturday. You are welcome to come watch if you like.

S.O.Hey now, I just may hop on a flight don’t be surprised! Lol. Now, Mr. Jerry, I understand you are from Ghana. Is there a significant difference in communication from your country as opposed to the US or is it fairly the same?

J.T.Lol, Oh yeah, it definitely is. 1st Ghanaians are straight shooters, no filter, we can sometimes offend Americans with our matter of the way of talking, We also think we are the smartest in the room. Lol. We don’t know or try to offend anyone, that’s just the way we are. Sarcasm and using words jokingly isn’t used in our language. what we say we mean and we don’t make commitments we can’t keep. I still struggle with that with people here in the US. I’ve been here for 37 years so I have learned how the US works, although I sometimes have difficulties. I equate the way Ghanaians are to how Blacks act around whites, in this century. Blacks have such an air of confidence about themselves around whites in certain capacities that they dominate. Ghanaians act that way all the time with everyone.

S.O. Do you plan on expanding Dining With Strangers to other markets outside of GA?

J.T. Oh yes, that is my dream. I want to make it global. I’m planning on taping some episodes in Ghana this summer.  Everything is coming out of pocket.We have no sponsors, just us. I was very lucky to have it at Kouzina Christos in Marietta, G.A. (which by the way is a great restaurant please give us a discount that would be great).lol.

S.O.  Discounts are always nice! So Mr. Jerry, How would people who are interested in joining the Dining With Strangers program get involved? Is there a website for this or do they have to contact you directly?

J.T. They can contact email us at the exact spelling.  they can leave their name, number and which days that are available to meet other strangers and eat for free.

S.O. Are there any final thoughts you would like to share?

J.T. Yes please subscribe and view the episodes we post on YouTube. We need your support and your opinions matter too.  Now you can watch debates from people and you can actually meet and challenge their opinions!  If you don’t like certain episodes, you can tell us that too! Just email us and sign up to so that the next time we can create a better episode. We also welcome comments and opinions about how we can make it better, the show’s characters and you can provide us with topics to discuss as well.

Once again, contact us at
Thank you so much Firstclasse and straight official for speaking with me.
S.O. You’re welcome! Thank you for your time!
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