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Recently ranked as one of the top 10 songs to be released by an St. Louis artist last year, Bates is on fire. A musical genius, who is utilizing her degree to progress her musicial career and setting new waves as the latest video for her hot single ” Hold Up, Watit A Minute”, soars to 9k views in a short period!

Excited to see another amazing production self directed and written, Bates is evolving and it is an amazing site to see. Hold Up, Wait A Minute is a powerful mini movie featuring B-roles and mini messages that Bates backs with strong written metaphors and wordplay that leaves you hanging on every line. BATES is building the standards for those destined to appear after her very high. This song surely has her fans itching for what’s next to come.

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EVERY Month, Sic Sundays get better which is amazing. We all know that hosting events on monthly bases can have its challenges but each month does have its benefits. This month Sic Sundays started slow, and the promotions seemed to be slightly delayed but with the team of people helping build this day party and concert series, no delays will impact the show success. I will like to take the time to express how wonderful it is to be one of the selected few elites helping this day concert series strive forward.

March 19th marks the 19th Sic Sundays which hosted an amazing party featuring some of the top entertainers in the Midwest area such as BOBO, Trice the Artist, Poetiq, MZM,  and Ramonn. Outside of the three monthly performers who are LP Da Assassin, P1, and Myself, Sic Sundays are the home for all the alumni’s.

One of this previous months’s alumni’s “Brugie Badd stopped through and was surprised with a special performance opportunity of her single [Work]. If artists have performed on our stage before, they are always welcome to come out and either to have them new music played or hit the stage. The goal of Sic Sundays is always to support the artists and build a strong networking environment that they can capitalize from.

Next month, we are back at it the same place “Refuge Live” on April 16th, for a special Easter celebration. Thank you for rocking with us for 19th months straight.

I have to admit that I look forward to traveling a few hours every 3rd Sunday to participate in Sic Sundays, it’s more than a concert for me it’s a chance to catch up with the team. If you are interested in ever participating in the S.I.C. Sundays experience,  please follow us on all popular social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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