[SO FEATURE] Graffiti

Emceeing, Djing and breakdancing are just some of the elements that make up the culture of hip-hop, but one thing that some people often overlook is Graffiti. Of course, you have the expression with music but everybody is talented in different ways so what better way to express the culture of hip hop but through art. Graffiti is a way to tell a story. The artist usually tends to express where their from or send a message to the surrounding community. Check out the video below to learn more about the Graffiti culture!
“People with money can put up signs you don’t have money you’re marginalized…you’re not allowed to express yourself or to put up words or messages that you think other people should see. Camel (cigarettes), they’re up all over the country and look at the message Camel is sending…they’re just trying to keep the masses paralyzed so they can go about their business with little resistance.” — Eskae

Check out this Ol’ Skool Jam and the Graffiti work

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