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[INTERVIEW] John D’Arpa Talks Forthcoming Launch of Our Own Thing Apparel

Always seeking to be ahead of the proverbial 8 ball, I keep my ear to the streets and eye on what is next. Not much of a fashionista, however I am keen on a good graphic T. I was introduced recently to an up and coming brand by the name of Our Own Thing Apparel. Privy to their plans on a full launch 1st quarter 2017, I felt it very necessary to interview Founder John D’Arpa. Finding his niche at the moment in graphic T’s John has based his company’s foundation on customer service and his want to be of assistance to the greater good of people knowing that first impression is everything; that is fueled by appearance.  Offering limited editions, Our Own thing Apparel has stated that it seeks to provide solace for those who fear most the reality of looking like everyone else.  Check out the exclusive below:
Jason Bourne: Wanted to kick off the interview with the formalities, what is your name for those who may not know? 
John D’Arpa: My name is Giovanni John D’Arpa, founder of Our Own Thing Apparel.

Jason Bourne: Please break down for the people what is Our Own Thing Apparel:

John D’Arpa: I’m a renaissance man in the sense that I do a little bit of everything. I have ventured into many entrepreneurial endeavors as a result of having a hustlers spirit which I am very thankful for. One or the things I have always loved is fashion. I mean who does not love to look good. But for me it is a little but deeper. I have always had a keen sense for being fashionable, outside of trend. With that being said, once the opportunity arose to focus on my passion and endeavor into a company I ran with. Our Own Thing is a niche apparel company whose foundation is graphic Ts but we are not limited to that. The company was started back in 2015 as I took the initiative to tinker with design ideas.

Jason Bourne: How long have you been in the industry as whole?  

John D’Arpa: I feel like I’ve always had a passion for fashion, so in my head I was always in in the industry without being (laughs). But formally 2015 was our starting point.

Jason Bourne: You are from NYC correct, which is for all intents and purposes the mecca of fashion except for maybe Paris? 

John D’Arpa; How has being a native inspired and assisted you?   I can break it down like this -I was born in Brooklyn,  grew up in Queens and now live on Staten Island.  All of these are boroughs of the Big Apple, but they have distinctly different styles. Seeing that first hand has allowed me to see the big picture of style and incorporated all of these flavors into my grand scheme. I have always had a difficult time finding clothes that fit me;  I’ve also always hated seeing someone else wearing the exact same thing as me.  To me, the game has fallen victim to designs and concepts that are dull.  I feel that the only way I can really enjoy what I am wearing is to design it myself.  Hence the birth of Our Own Thing Apparels.

Jason Bourne: What is Ultimate goal in your sector of industry ?  

John D’Arpa; I would love to change the way the fashion industry treats their customers.  I want to produce limited edition works of art.  I call it Clothing with personality and soul.

Jason Bourne: Our Own Thing Apparel is the focus. Any other ventures forthcoming in the future ?

John D’Arpa: I have not shared this with a lot of people but the plan is to release a novel afterwards, titled  Our Own Thing.

Jason Bourne: Where can individual looking to connect with you make contact?

John D’Arpa: IG @ourownthingapparels and FB @OurOwnThingApparels


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