[SPOTLIGHT] Philadelphia’s Hottest Radio Host: Honest Phire

With amazing creativity, outrageous and genuine personality, flawless flow and unique beauty; Honest Phire is executing all her natural talents in every aspect possible to represent Philly and show the world that she is a ready to make power moves. Born Waliyah Brown in 1983 and grew up in South-West Philly; Ms. Brown was destined to be undeniably known as “Honest Phire.” The stage name “Honest Phire” is a combination of the love for her city (Philly = PHIRE ) and her personality; which are pure honesty, realness, and simply the fact that she is “hot like fire.” Whether it is on the mic, stage, or behind the camera, Honest Phire burns it all down and takes control. She commands the attention of the general public, thus leading her to maintain the incredible following that she has to date.
Living by her own personal life quote, “As a woman, we are responsible for making changes in how we are viewed. We need our respect & space for the opportunity to grow. Let’s go” -Honest Phire is more than just an authentic business woman in the entertainment business, she is on her way to becoming a powerhouse and household name as CEO of her own company Phireworkz Ent. A powerful lyricist, manager, actress, host, and role model for young woman. Don’t sleep on Honest Phire’s passion and drive. 

With a hustler’s mentality, Honest Phire loves to network; with the understanding that in most cases it’s not only what you know, but it’s about who you know and having the know how to get the JOB done. Honest Phire’s passion for the hip hop industry came into light at age 17, where she found herself rapping with friends for fun and writing down her thoughts as an artistic outlet and form of expression coming from a house filled with music from her Mom-Mom (grandmother). During the holiday’s everybody was singing, from her sisters and mother to also having an older brother who helped inspire their entire block with his Hip-Hop genius. Since 2008, Honest Phire has been on the quest for greatness, having premiered herself as a hip-hop artist and landing performances all over the city of Philadelphia. But lyrical expression is not enough for this multi-talented diva; after developing a massive network thru her internet radio show “Philly Shine Radio,” where she promotes local as well as national up and coming talent and more. Honest Phire also helps along with organizing and sponsoring music events and representing Xsquad DJs as their East President. Honest Phire is very dedicated to going from nationwide to worldwide with her endeavors; knowing that DJs brings the music to the people, Phireworkz Entertainment will showcase Honest’s management of artists music along with her vision to shoot them into the sky for all to see and celebrate!! 

To learn more about the multi-talented diva known as “Honest Phire,” check out her internet radio show “Philly Shine Radio”   where everyone is welcome to come “SHOWOFF.” With showcases and open mics available all over Philly…she welcomes everyone to “BRING THE BLOCK” out to party and perform….learn, laugh and live it up. Also, check her out on MANY SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES JUST TYPE…. “HONEST PHIRE”. Keep in mind, Honest Phire is forever expanding and growing as a brand and is releasing major projects, events, and writing (ex. Magazines, books, poems, etc. in the upcoming months.




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