“Once A Cheater Always A Cheater”

In the world of professional boxing, there is no lack of theatre and fanfare.  But for a sleepy weight division that seems to finally be waking up, you’ll take what you can get as a fan.  On March 3rd going to see two huge forces collide.  Miami-based Cuban defector Luis “King Kong” Ortiz takes on “The Bronze Bomber” Deonte Wilder.  It’s going to be an interesting style match up.  The Cuban is well known for being somewhat a slickster and light footed for a heavyweight.  Mistake that kind of movement for lack of power, and it’s lights out.  The guy has racked up some KO’s up to date.  In the other corner, you have the WBC World Heavyweight champ who recently beaten a previous opponent into a literal limbo.

Bottom line.  Somebody’s O has got to go!  Wilder is pissed because he was  originally supposed fight Ortiz back in October.  Unfortunately for Ortiz, a cloudy piss test turned up and he was dropped from the fight and his title stripped.  Instead Wilder got Bermaine Stiverne for a second time.  A guy he out pointed easily in their first fight and dished out a country ass-whooping in their second fight.  If y’all don’t believe me, google Wilder-Stiverne.

Wilder breaking guard with a piercing jab

Fast forward to today and sources all over the web talk about a heated conference call between both camps.  Lots of popping off at the mouth as usual but in the end Ortiz still maintains innocence that the banned substances were to prevent high blood pressure.

“I’m clean. The dose they found in my system was too low to mask anything at all. If I would have known this prescription drug was not allowed, I would have told my trainer and my doctor. 

“I’m a heavyweight. I don’t need to make weight. Why am I going to go to the trouble of taking an illegal substance that makes you go to the bathroom a lot? I have no need. I simply didn’t know it was banned.”

Wilder (39-0, 38 KOs), who will be making his seventh and seemingly his most dangerous title defense, has either faced a late opponent change or had a fight canceled three times because his opponent failed a drug test. Wilder was realistic when asked if he was at all concerned that, with a little over a week to go until the fight, Ortiz could again produce a failed test that would ruin another fight.

“That could happen,” Wilder said. “That’s a possibility. We always say once a cheat, always a cheat, and that’ll always carry with him. But that’s gonna be up to Luis Ortiz. I think Luis Ortiz is a smart guy and I think he’s gonna do the right thing up until this point. If he don’t, it’ll be shame on him to put people through so much stress, so much pain, like it was the first time. It’s ridiculous that we still have to be talking about this still, at this point in time, with drugs and cheating and stuff.

“But I think he’s gonna do the right thing. With that being said, I’m not worried about it. I’m confident in him, that he’s gonna turn up clean and he’s gonna give a great performance on the night of that fight, and we’re all gonna be winners at the end of the night.”

With all the build up on the horizon and a particular young British World Champion gearing up for his next challenge.  Another great heavyweight super fight could be in the making.

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