What’s good people, I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend. And you know as always its your girl NaeNae back with another #NaeNaeOnTheScene interview. I first heard this multi-talented artist at an event about a year ago when she did her version of Schoolboy Q’s ‘That Part’. She goes by the name of Jay Shalé. She’s a singer/songwriter, producer, DJ and creates her skits on Instagram. Jay Shalé is definitely not one to be put in a box cause you never know what she might do next. I got to talk to about a little bit of everything with this amazing entertainer.

Check out the interview below.

Stay update on Jay Shalé:

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[Event] #NaeNaeOnTheScene: Jus Will Presents: B. Yond Music

Hey, I know you was wondering where’s that #NaeNaeOnTheScene review. It’s been a long and super busy week but I’m back with another dope review. I attended jus Will presents: B. Yond Music at Morty’s Comedy Club on the eastside of Indianapolis.

The monthly event started back in January of 2013 from the minds of poet, jus Will and entertainment manager/entrepreneur, Brittany Brookins. jus Will presents: B. Yond Music initially was just poetry and live music but during their last year they added comedy to the show. The event has brought poets to Indianapolis from all over the country, some having appeared on Verses N Flow and Def Poetry Jam. Even though, the monthly event in January of this year, jus Will and Brittany had agreed to do pop up shows at random. So when they were approached with the idea to collaborate with the makers of Straight Up Stupid to bring it back for Memorial Day Weekend Special, it just felt right.

The night all started with comedian and host for the night, Damon Williams warming up the crowd with some jokes and kept the energy going throughout the night as he introduced each performer along with doing a mini interview with each performer.

First performer to hit the stage was songstress, Megan Simonton. When I tell you she can sing, she can SANG! She started off with a cappella along with her rendition of Childish Gambino’s ‘Redbone then ended with a Jill Scott song. Next up was one of the creators of this event, jus Will giving the audience some of his greatest poetry. One is which is dedicated to the city of Indianapolis talking about the crime and violence going on in the inner city.




Then, came Ms. Tasha Jones and that dress she was rocking. LOL. Another super dope poet blessing the audience with her amazing poetry and did I mentioned THAT DRESS she had on. I love her witty humor
as her poems talked about self-love and relationships. The headliner for the night was the hilarious Darius Bradford. That man had the building hollering in laughter as he talked about his love for younger women,
his dislike for fast food drive-thru and much more.


It was such an amazing night with music, poetry and laughter and you know your girl got you covered on some great footage from that night. Hopefully, jus Will presents: B. Yond Music will put on another epic event before this year ends. Its your girl, NaeNae with #NaeNaeOnTheScene signing off. Stay tuned for more reviews from me. Peace and Blessings.




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