[INTERVIEW] Greatest DJ’s CEO DJDJ: Juvenile Behavior

As a fan of Hip-Hop, I have seen and heard some disrespectful things over the years. Whether it was over a beat or over a beef with another artist, you can never escape the fact that this genre was built upon certain levels of contempt. Some scorn is good in most aspects, providing us with engaging and entertaining content that either drives us towards an artist or in some cases, away from them altogether.

I love it when legends in the game come to our city. I try to attend as many as I can and provide you the readers with my experience of the venue and performance(s). Unfortunate for myself, I was not in attendance when rapper Juvenile came to the Circle City. He performed at the Vogue this past Saturday and amidst some technical difficulties, he became vocal in his frustration with the DJ during his performance. Here is a clip from the show:

Now I can be as unbiased as the next guy about this situation, but clearly Juvie was feeling himself or the liquor and weed that he indulged in and proceeded to disrespect one of our own. First and foremost whoadie, you were an 11-hour drive from New Orleans. THIS IS OUR CITY!!!

The DJ that Juvenile dissed is not just a local DJ. Founder and CEO of the Greatest DJ’s and Lil Boosie’s official tour DJ, Darrell “DJDJ” Jennings did his best to get the show going and to maintain peace between him and the New Orleans rapper. I sat down with DJDJ and got his side of the story, which you can listen to down below.

EXCLUSIVE Greatest DJ’s DJDJ Interview

What stings more than the diss from Juve was the reaction from the crowd. They actually cheered on Juvenile like it was 1999 and he just told ya’ll to back dat ass up. It’s hard to watch your city take a collective “L” in terms of having the back of one of your own.

Getting back to Juvenile, we realize that it’s 2017 and not 1999 and he is not the big draw that he once was so perhaps affording his own tour DJ was out of the question. What you will NOT do is come to our city, get one of our finest products and diss him in front of us and then state that this is your city. I remember years ago when Trick Daddy came here on that same nonsense. He was reported leaving the venue lumped up and humbled.

What do you think of this juvenile effort of respect? Comment down below.

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