Empress Ali – Lovers & Friends (Remix)


Her every existence is saturated with love, creativity, fertility, art, harmony, luxury, beauty and grace.

Born and raised in Jayess, Mississippi, Empress Ali is a true southern belle. As she walks to Starbucks in Hattiesburg her voice gives the community peace and revelations. Singing and doing hair is her passion.

Empress Ali – Man Up


As an entrepreneur, Empress Ali is an independent soloist and specializes in protective hair styles such as installs (sewins), braids and etc.

Ali Hair Video

She is a believer that creates avenues and makes no excuses and has no cut cards when telling a person how she feels. She does her best to stay clear from negative energy.

Her voice is alluring and physique is that of a goddess. She demands respect and she gets respect but she is caring, loving cancerian  rekindling the candle scented of R&B/ Soul in her secret place. You are sure to fall in love with Empress Ali from the moment you hear her voice. j

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