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Hanging his hat on reality rap – OfficialHardBodyMusic

With a musical passion that began at a young age using the art as a coping mechanism for a young man raised in a broken home; listening to and writing music became a form of therapy. Born with a stutter, HardBody had to learn how to balance having a speech impediment, with the need to express himself through lyrics.  As his talent would take form in 2017 he was presented with the opportunity to join the independent label known as Forward Thinking Ent; since then he has released several singles, and 2 EP’s.  Annually, in May, OfficialHardBodyMusic likes to shed light on mental health awareness month, using his social media profiles as a platform.
His most recent release “March 2nd” is something of a biographical sketch as Hardbody presents as vulnerable and honest about the trials and tribulations which have strengthened the man he is today. Transparent to say the least Hardbody navigates between the cockiness of a rapper and the hardships of fatherhood.
“If I had to describe March 2nd, I would say it is me emblazoned with a knowledge of self and in full story-telling mode. I touch on topics ranging growing up with parents who suffered a broken marriage, to the struggles of me being a single father attempting to co-parent after a bad break up.”
This past May 17th Hardbody released his latest project, Madness featuring another popular track, “More For Me.” Madness is available for streaming here .
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Songs In the Key Of Life: JR (Just Real)

A singer / songwriter representing ICMG / 2 Deep JR (JustReal) is a promising NYC crooner with 5 years of experience in the music industry. Hailing from the Bronx,  JR has been working tirelessly in efforts to complete his new album, Another Level. The follow up to his REALity Check, the album has become one of the more anticipated projects on the independent scene in the Big Apple.
A model for positivity in his music. JR touches on real life situations and most importantly as a singer – LOVE.  Somewhat of an introvert as a child, JR took to penning his feelings and before long it turned to writing full songs. Inspired by Neyo, Jamie Foxx, Ryan Leslie, and John Legend JR took every opportunity to sharpen his skill set.  Continuing to pursue his place amongst the greatest R&B acts JR continues to perform and wow the ladies while representing for the fellas.
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