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(Photo Cred: Rich Harvest Ent FB page)

RICH HARVEST ENTERTAINMENT has become a movement for Hip-Hop in Indianapolis ever since their humble beginnings back in 2008. A breeding ground for talented artists led by it’s CEO Illy Octane the organization closed out the summer with a collaboration unlike any you’ve heard in a long time with their latest release Cypher Vol 2.

Rich Harvest Ent. – Cypher (Photo Cred: Numbers Magazine)

The nine minute melee features the entire roster of RHE. The variety of different styles compliments the track well and is a head banger! Rich Harvest as a staff, record label and crew have found themselves in this week’s #SaturdaySpotlight and are primed to close 2020 with a bang!

Check out the dope visual for Cypher Vol. 2 directed by Andrew Hunt down below. As always, we here at TenthLetterMediaStraight Official Magazine thank you for rocking with us as we capture the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop and Entertainment! Stay tuned for more content and remember, it’s the #DueSeason so #GetSOM!

If you are an artist who would like to be featured in the #SaturdaySpotlight, then check out the flyers below for more information.

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Unifying the 5 boroughs in the name of Hip Hop: S.O.xN.Y.

Known as a talented collective recording under the moniker S.O.xN.Y. which stands for Shout Out to New York.  Comprised of Smoke, Dutch Alcott, Winny SM, Jay Cartii, Qua Live and L.T. this formidable group has come together in the name of music, creativity and unity. Multi talents ranging from singers, to writers, engineers and producers their quality music spans many genres from pop, gospel, to R&B and Hip Hop.  

Solo success stories, who have now come together with one common goal – elevation, S.O.xN.Y. are seasoned artists whose journeys date back to the middle teen years.

“I can remember writing lyrics as early as the 4th grade. My first time in the booth was around 16 years old and I haven’t looked back since.”

  – Dutch Alcott

“I got my start in the lunch room and neighborhood parks. Everybody knew me for freestyling. Eventually I got into songwriting and things took off for me.”

– Winny SM

“I was always fascinated by the production side of things. I wanted to learn engineering, and record myself. I accomplished that at 18.”

-Qua Live

“Freestyling was my thing as well. By 20 I learned that bars was not all that it was about, so I quickly started writing songs.”

– Smoke 

Jay Carti, the rookie of the bunch is a promising contributor who has taken to soaking up the experience of his group mates, and applying his own sauce to the stew.  Hailing from Flatbush, Brooklyn Carti joins his brothers who call Staten Island, Queens, The Bronx, and North Carolina home.

“One of our acronyms is South to New York. As a team there is so much influence from New York City, but other areas as well and we wanted to pay homage to those as well.”

  – Jay Carti

With their S.O.xN.Y. project on the way January 25th the group has done a phenomenal job in juggling their solo plans with the common interest – promoting the album.  Hitting the ground running, the team whom came together this past November have been campaigning through the media and relationship building with true influencers who will be a vessel in spreading the awareness of the quality they bring. Unifying not only the 5 boroughs but age groups the varying styles of the members mesh will in epitome of the diversity of music today.

Brought together by non-traditional means, these brothers whom were connected by Instagram and officially aligned themselves at a photo shoot in NYC on December 1st. Later that weekend their first radio interview was conducted at City Rok Radio where they all vowed to write their names into the history books as S.O.xN.Y.

Check out their debut single, Game on the Line.


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