Summer has quickly came upon us (18 days of Spring to our count) and we alongside Straight Official Magazine are back at you with our #SaturdaySpotlight presentation! One this first day of the weekend, we like to bless you with visuals that compliment the tracks of some of Naptown’s hottest Hip-Hop artists.

The title of best rapper is the most sought after distinction in the game. ROJ MAHAL, an artist who’s vested in his craft has decided to go against the grain and proclaim that he is the worst rapper in the N.A.P.. You only need to google Roj to witness his dedication to Hip-Hop and discover his reasoning behind the label he self-imposed upon himself.

We’re switching up our format this week as well as Roj has blessed us with two visuals from his latest project Worst Rapper. Check out Falling Asleep and Waking Up & Something On Me down below. If you are an artist who wants to have their video featured in Straight Official Magazine, please comment down below! #DueSeason #GetSOM


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We’ve made it to the weekend and it’s time for our #SaturdaySpotlight feature where we here at TenthLetterMedia alongside Straight Official Magazine give shine to the Circle City’s emerging Hip-Hop presence.

This week we take a listen to a young MC that is growing in both age and notoriety. Hailing from east Indy, Jetty is quickly becoming a name that suits his rise to the top. Under his own label (Steady Counting) Jetty intends to go crazy for his stake in the landscape of Hip-Hop in Nap!

Check out the dope visual for his new single “Going Crazy” from the project JetWave which is available on Apple Music, SoundCloud, Spotify (Jetty) & Tidal right now and follow him on through IG & Twitter (@Jetstayhigh).

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