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[INTERVIEW] Jason Bourne catches up with Juanito Jones @ Brooklyn Exposure



I had the pleasure of hosting the #FlyMeOut Edition of Mor.Bookings this past Thursday alongside Hot 97s Hip Hop Mike at Brooklyn Exposure which showcased a good amount of talent. Some of the performers of note included Army Regime (Runner Up), Queen Naomi Love, John Polanco,  Aquila Music Now, LT Donaldson, and Trey Nostalgia to name a few. Out of these promising individuals rose one act who reign and ultimately walked away with the coveted all expense paid trip to perform @ SXSW sponsored by Mor. Bookings / Mor. Value. His name is Juanito Jones @WhoIsJuanitO I caught up with Juanito afterward for a quick interview. Check out the exclusive below:


Jason Bourne: First and foremost want to congratulate you on a great ️showing the other night @ Brooklyn Exposure – talk to us about the affect of that night?

Juanito Jones: Thank you so much, it was such a great experience. looking up at the crowd and hearing them sign my song was amazing.  That in itself is a highlight.  Winning was like another level. I am still in shock.

Jason  Bourne: I speak with a lot of artists and Everyone speaks to the slight nervousness before the hitting the stage- any butterflies on the way to the venue?


Juanito Jones: That’s funny because on my way there I was super excited. As my performance time got near, I started feeling my heart race! I don’t know if it was anxiety or anticipation, either way, it was real.
Jason Bourne: How familiar were you with the competitors beforehand?


Juanito Jones: I didn’t know them by name, but a couple of artists I had remembered by face. I do a lot of shows around the city, and there is a dope crop of artists out there. We all seem to cross each others paths at some point.



Jason Bourne: I would be remiss if we didn’t talk about your outfit for the night how did you know that was the one?


Juanito Jones: Well, I had to make a conscious decision. I said to myself if I am competing, I need to stand out. That’s how I approach my outfits and music as a whole its all about standing out for me.  I want to grab attention which leads to support.


Jason Bourne: Some of other contestants seemed to come with their entire neighborhood was there any discouragement in that?


Juanito Jones: I mean support is great, the more support the better. I focus on the task at hand, not so much the neighbors. Bringing a huge crowd with you can work at times, but I guess in this time it was not a barrier for me.


Jason Bourne: You won a trip to SXSW correct? Have you been there before?


Juanito Jones: This is my first time ever going!!

Jason Bourne: Any ideas on what your set will be?


Juanito Jones: Once I figure out how long my set is, I should know. I’m definitely performing my best songs, even Slowly Dying which is the single I am promoting.


Jason Bourne: Excited?


Juanito Jones: I am way past excited !!!


Jason Bourne: How do you plan on juggling the performance responsibility with the networking opportunities?


Juanito Jones:  I am going to make sure no one forgets who I am; the networking opportunities there are going to be amazing!


Jason Bourne: Congratulations once again and let the people know what else we can expect from you in the coming months?


Juanito Jones: Expect a couple of things. I’ll be releasing 3 more albums this year; I’ll be in a Netflix Series, and you’ll definitely hear me on the radio in the very near future.  Sunday, February 13 we will be celebrating the release of my Slowly Dying video @ The Mockingbird. I have some other dope acts joining my that night performing. Hope everyone comes out.


Check out Slowly Dying
For More info / music follow @WhoIsJuanito

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