The Year in Sports…


As 2016 comes to a close I could not help but take a look at all the amazing stories of this year…


The greatest story line to me has to be the World Series win for the Chicago Cubs. While they were one of the favorites going in to the season, having not won a title 108 years it is just a moment when you have to be happy for them even if you are not a sports fan. That said while a perennial bad team the majority of the past 108 years somehow they have managed to maintain an incredibly loyal fan base and have been selling out for years. Not only did they win the World Series but it also took one of the most exciting game sevens to make it happen with an 8-7 10-inning victory over the Cleveland Indians who were trying to exercise there own demons having not a Championship since 1948.


Another monumental moment in sports this year was Peyton Manning taking the Broncos back to the Super Bowl and earning his 2nd ring as we all knew retirement was in the wings. Coming back from a mid-season injury and really a shell of his MVP form, he along with Von Miller and the vaunted defense willed another title for Denver.


What truly kept me on the edge of my seats during a usually boring long NBA season was watching the Golden St Warriors go for the best record in NBA history. The Chicago Bulls in 1996 when an absurd 72-10 and established a mark I thought would never be broken. Low and behold Steph Curry your defending MVP came back with another MVP season and players like Clay Thompson and Draymond Green played at All Star levels and the once laughing stock for many years went on to go 73-9. They reached the NBA finals and after a 3-1 lead bowed out to Lebron and the Cavs 4-3. Many will say because they did not close the deal they are not in conversation with greatest teams ever. If anybody’s asking I am taking the 96 Bulls in 5 games if they would have played.


This was also the year of the Summer Olympics and we had some great moments. Carmelo led the US Basketball team to another Gold and we loved that but swimmer Michael Phelps winning his record 23rd medal and retiring from the Olympics was the top story. The most bizarre and controversial moment was when Ryan Lotche, Phelps’ teammate alleged that he was robbed by gunpoint at a gas station with fellow swimmers Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger and James Feigen. Brazilian officials found no evidence that the incident occurred and announced in a press conference that the men had vandalized the property.


There were so many great stories in 2016 these are just a few what are your favorites?



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Knicks hope Melo can avoid surgery

New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony suffered a small left shoulder tear late in the regular season that was revealed during an MRI on Wednesday, a league source confirmed.

The Knicks are hopeful Anthony will not need surgery, according to the source, who added the team plans to allow its All-Star to rest for the next three-to-four weeks in an attempt to allow the injury to heal.

If it is not healed at that point, then surgery will be considered, the source said.

Dr. Neil Roth, an orthopedic surgeon at New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital who specializes in sports medicine, estimates surgery could sideline Anthony for four months. Roth has not treated the Knicks’ forward.

The New York Daily News earlier reported Anthony’s injury.

Anthony said Monday that the injury, suffered on April 14 against the Indiana Pacers, hampered him throughout the postseason.

“It was bothering me since it happened,” said Anthony, who added that the shoulder “popped in and out” after the Boston Celtics’ Kevin Garnett tugged on his arm during the teams’ first-round series.

The Pacers were also physical with Anthony in the next round, and he appeared to tweak the injury throughout that series.

Anthony shot 40.9 percent from the floor in 12 postseason games after shooting 45 percent during the regular season.

Anthony never complained about the injury, nor did he use it as an excuse during the postseason. However, it was clear he was in pain.

“To be able to play with that and get through the pain, it just came a point where you just try not to think about it,” Anthony said Monday. “That’s where I was at mentally.”

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