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Hip-Hop made its way past the Mason/Dixon after the stint out west in the 90’s and the genre and culture would once again evolve to greater levels. The Dirty South would rise to power with institutions like No Limit Records leading the charge for supremacy in the industry. Amongst the loaded roster of NLR, an MC would debut with the label and captivate the masses by asking a simple question…how you do that?

Young Bleed is a musician that has been regarded by many as a pioneer of Southern underground Hip-Hop. His hit single alongside Master P would be slapped in clubs and trunks of vehicles for years. His debut album My Balls and My Word is an undeniable classic and in some circles, ahead of its time.

Since 1994 he has and continues to go hard for the love of the music. His recent album Livin’ is out in stores and he recently finished the Hard Work Pays Off tour that hit in over 30 cities. We had the opportunity to link up with this legend and chop it up about his moves and what we can expect moving forward.

The album was released in February of this year and features a collective of Hip-Hop’s veteran MC’s that Bleed holds to a degree higher than just fellow artists. “I went old school far as tracks and I am connected with so many guys over the years. Legends, before my genre as well.” You can expect to see some reunions like with Mo B. Dick and hear that original No Limit sound. “One of my favorite tracks on the album is “Karma” and everyone that hears it says it’s a phenomenal song.”

Longevity is key in life and in music and Bleed still holds the love of music in high regard. “I come from a blues and gospel background, along with being born in a musical family, it’s always been a way of life so when it became about business, it just came natural.” Bleed intends to build on the foundation and legacy that he’s worked a lifetime to establish. “Long as I feel the love of music I’m going to continue to whoop it up.”

Young Bleed is now under Trap Door Entertainment and the album Livin’ is available now through Apple Music and Spotify. To check out the rest of our interview, click on the link down below and you can find out more about Young Bleed at

SO Mag Interview-Young Bleed

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