The Quest Chronicles: The Bigger Person

Many people in relationships get nervous in the middle of an argument when the other person all of a sudden becomes calm. They’ll sigh & say “You’re right” or “OK”. Some would just let you win to stop arguing whether they agree or not because fighting is draining. Does this solve the problem, no but for some people they feel it’s the only answer for the moment.

I’m not a confrontational person. I don’t fight nor argue. If I feel a situation is getting intense then I find a way to ease out of it the best way I can. That’s when I automatically become the BIGGER PERSON.

Don’t get me wrong, I am semi human so part of me would rather not be lady like nor professional & let some people HAVE IT! But, we all know the saying, “never allow people to take you out of your character” So I continue to be the bigger person and resolve the issues in a better way.

We’re already in a huge fight call LIFE so the last people I would want to fight with is my love, family, friends or co workers. If more people would fully LISTEN, COMMUNICATE properly & allow someone to have their own OPINION ,things could be a lot better! These small gestures can have such a big positive affect. Easier said than done yet it shouldn’t be hard to do.

I often question if people actually like to have confrontations? Do they like to argue & fight? Do they enjoy putting each other down?

Based off my lifestyle & how I was bought up, taking the high road is the way to go but still have to balance it. I learned that it’s ok to speak your mind even in an intense situation because it’s not healthy to always put your feelings to the side to spare the other person’s. Self love comes first. Not encouraging a brawl but have enough self assurance to let it be known how you feel about something in the best yet respectful way.

I’ll admit I don’t always want to be the bigger person but there are BIGGER things in life I would rather put my energy towards 😏

On that note, you know what to do down below!

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The Quest Chronicles: Naughty or Nice?

The only QUESTion I have for you is, have you been NAUGHTY or Nice? I myself have been both! Tis the season to be naughty in a nice way!

Many are traditional, eating, spending time with family while watching their children open presents. How lovely but let’s switch this up & have some fun. Better yet, let’s have some wine!

When was the last time you stood under the mistletoe with someone special? Is that even a “thing” anymore? How many times have your halls been decked recently? Ladies, when was the last time you sat on Santa’s lap & fellas when was the last time you dipped your cookie in your lady’s milk? Even better QUESTion, ladies when was the last time you drank your man’s milk?

Relax, we’re grown right? I’m just asking simple QUESTions to hint simple reminders. This is the season surrounded by love but don’t forget to love self and your significant other. Mom, dad & the kids shouldn’t get all your attention. Don’t be all stressed out about the BIG feast then be too tired to FEAST your eyes on your man’s special present ready for you to unwrap.

Spice it up like you spice up your eggnog! I’m sure there’s something red & sexy you ladies can slip on while hitting high notes caroling for your man! Joy to the world of ecstasy, passion & romance.

Don’t worry, I have a few words for us single people as well. Don’t feel less than or bummed this season because you’re single. Remember the first person you’re supposed to love is self! Merry Christmas to me. Am I waiting for someone to buy me a present, NOPE! I’ll treat myself, I know what I like & I know what I want. I’m still in the holiday spirit and might go out with mistletoe on deck just in case I see a cutie & want to be spontaneous! Just kidding…. I think! LOL

In all seriousness, Merry QUESTmas everyone! No matter your circumstance, single or not, with family or not, children or not… enjoy the day regardless because it’s an honor to be able to see another day! Spread love all around and remember to forever smile. I’ll keep this blog light this week so until next time my lovies!

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