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Despite the humid temperatures outside, MASTER P proclaims this summer to be one of the coldest yet! The Hip-Hop mogul and entrepreneur has forecasted this shift in the climate with a barrage of content that stems from the release of I Got The Hook Up 2 which is currently the #1 Urban Comedy Movie.

In our pursuit of the lifestyle and culture of Hip-Hop, TLM & Straight Official Magazine were blessed to have the Ice Cream Man live on a conference call last night. Check out the replay of our convo via our Facebook page. Shouts go out to our Fleet DJ affiliates for the work!

The single “Gone” is off the IGTHU 2 soundtrack and features a long-awaited feature with Jeezy. The New Orleans/Atlanta flavor makes this a dope track with production from Drumma Boy Fresh. This one intends to bang all summer long! Check out the visual down below and as always, we thank you for rocking with us!

And remember, its the #DueSeason, so #GetSOM!!!

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The Quest Chronicles: Hidden Intimidation

I don’t understand people & I never will. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that people are ok with settling & love to praise mediocrity. As an entrepreneur I can’t help but to wonder and take things personally. For example, on social media you can post that you started a business & receive no LIKES, yet you can post that you got a new job and then whole world is ready to congratulate you? It is me or is that backwards? When did having a business became less than working for “THE MAN”???

It makes me wonder, are people afraid to congratulate you because they don’t want to feel obligated to support you? If they ignore the post, they feel they’re in the clear. Think about it. In their mind, if I don’t click LIKE or acknowledge then maybe I won’t feel the pressure of buying or attending anything. This may be for financial reasons, a possibility that they just don’t care for your products or simply don’t want you to succeed.

Another personal experience: I write for a magazine weekly, yes I get traffic but when I promote it, not many say anything about it. I’ll receive views but barely get a LIKE & most definitely don’t get a share. Recently another writer wrote about me so I posted about it & I got praised for it. Wait a minute, you’ll congratulate me on being recognized yet won’t support what I’m being recognized for. How backwards is this?

Is it quicker to just say congratulations then to take the time to check out what you’re actually congratulating them on? Are we really that busy or deep down inside truly don’t care? Are we afraid to admit that we don’t want to see the next succeed? What’s the real issue?

Let’s switch this up for before I end this.

Why are we so quick to support & praise strangers before we support our very own, family members, friends and or associates? Then again based off studies, it’s seems to be more common in a certain culture… something has to give. We need answers and serious change.

Like always, leave your comments below because I truly desire to know how you feel and if you’ve ever been in these situations.

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