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JC Live Artist Spotlight: R&B sensation Jemelody

The beautiful R&B singer Jemelody is back on the scene with new explosive music. With her debut EP “JADED” dropping April 15th, I was able to catch up with her for a brief interview. We talked about her  latest single killing the airwaves called “Blah Blah” which was released March 1st and received some insight on her new project.

What singles are you pushing?

Currently “blah blah”,  up next is a single titled “Vitamin D”.

What are your top two fav songs and why?

My all time favorite song of mine is called “The Departed” the emotion behind it is so real and it allowed me to let my vulnerabilities out. The word play and metaphors are my best yet bar none. It’s on my upcoming EP Jaded
My second favorite is a song I have on my new project as well titled “Frankie lyin”
It was the first song I recorded coming off of my 2 year hiatus and it allowed me to release a lot of real/raw built up emotion and truly ask the question “why” I titled it Frankie lyin because the question I pose is “Why do fools fall in love” coined from Frankie Lymon and the teenagers and just added the twist on lyin cause well… Frankie be lyin lol

Dropping any videos/visuals?

I just released a video trailer teaser for my EP JADED. As soon as we can go outside I’ll be shooting another one for VITAMIN D or my song Frankie lyin

What are some events, Interviews or songs are you dropping in the near future? 

I’ll be attending the fleet dj conference in Florida in July (God willing)
Some stages I was supposed to perform at during SXSW are supposed to be putting together some events for participants to perform so hopefully that’s on the horizon.
I’ll be dropping more visuals late April/May for the new single (either Vitamin D or Frankie lyin)

What do you want people to take away from your music?

I want people to feel the emotion I invested. It’s me. It’s raw. It’s uncensored. I think the best music comes from truth and that’s what I’m telling… I hope someone listens whose going through a similar situation and finds a way out. Finds a release. Finds solace in the music.
Who inspires you? 

Anyone I see that’s chasing their dream and not settling in life. I love love and I love to see people win. I love to celebrate people. When I see someone win whether I know them personally or not it inspires me to keep going no matter what.

I just want to send a huge virtual hug to everyone on the front lines fighting this virus. To the people who’ve lost loved ones, jobs, a way of life etc. Shout out to my single moms and the women who were told their lives were over because they became a mother. That dream you have is reachable. Use your kids as your why and keep going, they are watching🤞🏾

Shoutout to all the DJs who’ve been rocking with me! Fleet Djs, Da Union, WJTT Power 94 and all the radio personalities and bloggers who rock with me. I love and appreciate y’all 💯


Click here to listen to “Speedin” by Jemelody


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