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What is HYPnosis? |Let Mezmerize introduce you

What is Hypnosis?

What is HYPnosis?

What is HYPnosis?
Produced by D.C. and video by Henry Lagrone

What is Hypnosis?  The question is usually answered with the standard  definition of “the induction of a state of consciousness in which a person apparently loses the power of voluntary action and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction.”   The artist known as Mezmerize says differently.  The answer you seek may be better answered when subdued by the melodic tone on “Come and get her” or the energetic upbeat groove of “Vibez”.

Meet the king of HYPnosis

Mezmerize hails from the richly talented state of Mississippi, Greenwood to be exact. He uses his unique voice to bring a once familiar sound of when r&b was in its golden days.  The proof that r&b never died and will once again take its place among music most popular genres can be heard through his music.  He credits his upbringing in music to his step father Danny Lee Boone.  His musical influences include Jaime Foxx, Usher, Boyz II Men, Tank, Chris Brown, and H-town.

What’s next for Mezmerize?

The e.p. titled HYPnosis is set to debut this winter and is sure to keep you and your significant other warm and cozy.  A video released titled Hypnosis will also follow the sure to be hit e.p.What is HYPnosis? release.  Mezmerize and Street Diamond Entertainment have also teamed up for a new shoe release called MYDH.  The shoe is made in Italy and is now available for pre-order worldwide.  You want to hear more Mezmerize check out his music here.  What is HYPnosis?  When you wake up you will have just experienced it.

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Brian Angel Releases [New Single] “Vegas”

Brian Angel Vegas
Stream now on all Digital Platforms

Brian Angel, former member of Day 26 releases his highly anticipated new single, “Vegas” off his upcoming EP ” Brian Who.”  The project comes after the R&B singer made the decision to go solo; Departing from his long time group who recently went on tour. Vegas is one of the first singles off the new project. The sexy, seductive track takes you on a melodic ride through the Vegas skies landing in a pile of sex and romance. Sure to spice up any evening this is a must for R&B lovers. Angel has been wanting to discuss topics as a solo artist that he has not been able to do in a group setting. He states “he has no hard feelings and wishes the rest of the group well.” However, he is excited to go on this journey. “Vegas” is now streaming on all Digital Platforms.  LISTEN NOW

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