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  1. 5 One was born as Willie Christian from Pensacola, Florida. Because he came from a family with a strong background in music, there was no way he was going to pass up on being great. Florida is known to breed a lot of Indie rappers. This past week I had the chance to talk with a very gifted and talented artist. 5 one combines hurt, love, and pain in his music, he tells a story and then paints the image in your head by his lyrics and in my opinion that is what makes him an artist destined for the top. I got the chance to learn a little more about Mr. Willie” 5 One ” Christian. The name 5 one emerged from his childhood being number 5 is his favorite number but not only that, there are five artists that influence him. The Top artist on the list were Tupac, Nas, Scarface, KRS-One, and Bun B all which have incredible artistic strengths. He gets his Southern Independency, a hustler’s mindset, Knowledge, Add to Dictionary ability to tell a story. 5 one has been sitting on a lot so expect a lot of stories a little pain and its all on a personal level. We can we expect more music this summer after his deployment, Where he stated: ” He is going in and not coming out until it is done.”
    There you have it, A talented artist with love for music. Look for more music from the artist this coming Summer.


Contact 5 one on Social Media here:

IG: @getem5

or by email:

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