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Normally a threesome between a guy and two girls would end in the guy having a great story to tell to his homeboys. For Dave East however, his most recent sexcapade was tarnished with a battery charge being brought against the New York MC.

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TMZ made initial reports this afternoon that East was cited after witnesses claimed that East and two other women had an altercation after a scheduled performance at Drai’s nightclub in Las Vegas on Saturday. Police reports obtained by TMZ state that the rapper invited two women back to his hotel room for a session and that things went south after one of the ladies felt as if she wasn’t getting as much attention than the other.

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East reported that the woman became violent and threw champagne bottles at him, striking him in the head, arms and legs. One the other side of the coin, the woman claims that during the session that East got argumentative and threw a number of punches with one connecting to her arm. She then fled to the bathroom and called the police.

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While it sounds like it’s a “he said, she said” matter, both will be charged with misdemeanor battery as no arrests were officially made. Both East and the women were treated at separate medical facilities. East’s attorney has also stated that the woman threw a soap dispenser at him and while trying to secure everyone’s safefy,  he led the woman out of his room by force.



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EVENT: Trouble and Alexis Skyy Cucumber Party gets Crazy!

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As everyone knows Trouble threw one of the wildest pool parties called “Winners Only” last night. The Atlanta rapper decided to go live at the party which showed many women showing their mouth skills with cucumbers. During this live Alexis Skyy and Trouble put a cucumber in a woman’s vagina and then her mouth as thousands of Instagram followers watched. Some fans are unhappy as well as some enjoying the scene. Needless to say I think this party can definitely be labeled wildest party of the year.

Instagram: @troubledte6


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