Ty Dolla $ign Faces Potential 15-Year Prison Sentence Following Felony Cocaine IndictmenT

Fulton County, GA – Ty Dolla $ign was reportedly indicted on felony cocaine possession last month. According to Rolling Stone, the multi-talented musician faces charges of felony cocaine possession, felony possession of Schedule I controlled substance and a misdemeanor for marijuana possession. If convicted, Griffin faces up to 15 years in prison.
The Los Angeles-based artist and his entourage were pulled over in September after the authorities smelled marijuana coming from their vehicle. Consequently, police conducted a search and Ty$ was the only passenger arrested.

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Dre of Goodears Streaming talks music career and new app based venture

With a resume that speaks to work with Sickamore, Vinny Idol of D-Block, DJ Cool, Rhythm Shack in addition to collaborations with Dan Da Man to date, Queens native Dre Dedicating the last 7 years to finding his niche and creating a game plan for making an impact Dre’ has prepped the launch of the Goodears Streaming Service which is an extension of the overall empire and brand.

“My goal is to pool all my resources and create an independent network with major label capabilities.”

I caught up with the aspiring mogul recently to get the inside of his new venture as well as discuss other details about his career in music. Check it out below:

Jason Bourne: You have a pretty diverse resume in the music business. Tell us how did you get your start and what was the motivation?

Dre: To be honest I have had a passion for music ever since a young kid. I can remember vividly the crates full of records that my mom owned. My start in the business, was a product of being around a lot and networking my way into various opportunities.

Jason Bourne: You are a Queens’s native correct? The lineage in Hip Hop is so rich in Queens who are some of the influencers that come from the borough that you called home?

Dre: I am most definitely a Queens’s representative. The resume of MCs that were birthed in Queens is almost incomparable when you think about it and it is surely a motivation to all of us following in their footsteps. Run DMC’s first album set the tone for so much in my borough. It was the very first Hip Hop album that I purchased. Add that to seeing LL cool J around the way all the time and I knew what I wanted to be a part of. Later on, with the success of Nas and Mobb Deep’s contributions plus some other things, my path was cemented. .

Jason Bourne: You are a producer – who are some of the artists and brands you have collaborated with?

Dre: I’ve worked with a lot of people but off the top I’d like to mention my collaboration with Vinny Idol from D Block as well as my work with Sickamore and Interscope Records I also was instrumental in the artist development work done with a media company by the name of RockMeTV.

Jason Bourne: At what point did you realize your passion for developing and supporting up and coming artists?

Dre: That came during the transition and evolution of the internet. The people that understood it first became like gatekeepers to the information that artists needed to enhance their brands. I was one of them.

Jason Bourne: Your newest venture is in expanding the platform that you have created for artists by incorporating a streaming service – talk to us about that?

Dre: Goodears Streaming platform is going to be for the exclusive creator without the compromise of creating and getting paid for it. These other streaming competitors are already being occupied by the same marketing dollars that ran the big record labels. So your brand could never get the visibility it needs. And the same content is on repeat.

Jason Bourne: With streaming being arguably the biggest thing in today’s game how do you see Goodears being able to stand alone within the niche?

Dre: That is simple. We refuse to follow trends, and our platform is more creator-friendly.

Jason Bourne: For those who want to get involved with what you have going on, how do they do so?

Dre: Sign up Now!!!

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