[NEWS] Soulja Boy Charged with Gun Possession

As if he hasn’t taken enough L’s this year Soulja Boy aka Deandre Cortez Way is now facing felony gun charges stemming from an arrest on December 15th. Authorities found multiple weapons including a Mini Draco AR-15 which is illegal in the state of California.

The L.A. County District Attorneys office charged him with 2 felonies, possession of an assault weapon and being a felon in possession of a firearm. He was also charged with a misdemeanor for stolen property the police say one of the guns found in  Soul’s home was reportedly stolen from a cop car. Soulja Boy could face more than 4 years in prison.


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[NEWS] Troy Ave Extorted, Laptop Stolen!

Looks like BSB’s Troy Ave is the latest victim of a “Sex Tape” extortion plot after his Laptop was recently  stolen. Earlier today the Brooklyn rapper took to Instagram to expose the alleged extortion. Posting a screen shot of  the exchanged text messages where the extortionist is asking for 20 racks for the return of the sex tape by 3pm today or he is sending it to TSR. However, Troy is not bother in the least as you can see from his post  he said he aint doing “no R. Kelly shit”

Earlier this year Troy was involved in a fatal shooting at Irving Plaza in New York City and charged with attempted murder. He is  currently out on bail on 500,00 bail and is  suffering monetarily because the judge has not allowed him to travel forcing him to cancel over 50 shows. He is also not allowed to be in bars, night clubs and has an 11pm curfew.  No money and not a care given  this dude is obviously barking up the wrong tree.


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