Kodak Black is speaking out about the injustice and violence to prisoners while they are behind bars. The 22 year old Florida rapper was sentenced to four years in prision for an illegal weapons charge. In December the artist posted a disturbing paragraph on Instagram. He told fans he was laced with drugs. The artist reported he was having an out of body experience. The experience made him feel possessed and gave him the feeling of dying. He sought medical treatment. He was denied. The artist soon after had an altercation with the correction officer who had denied him medical attention. He was then beat repeatedly by many officers.  The injuries were so bad he was transferred to the box in a wheel chair while gasping for air.

December 14th 2019 Kodak Black again reported on instagram. He said he had been in solitary confinement for over 45 days. He was refused general hygiene and commissary during that time. January 17th 2020 another disturbing post was written by the artist. He claims he was being set up, laced with drugs and beaten. He stated that false incident reports had been made in order to take away his phone privileges. Comments about getting millions of dollars out of him as well as denying his girlfriend visitation rights were also reported by him. “The humiliation is wearing on me” he stated and he feels he is slowly dying in there. The artist went on instagram again to post about another inmate who was in solitary confinement near him. The prisoner reportedly had begged for medical treatment and was denied which led to his suicide. Kodak Black sent his condolences to the inmates family and stated that he wants to use his fame to shine light on the situation.

Kodak Blacks mother has had enough of her sons awful treatment and they have hired a high profile attorney to open a civil rights case. His mother and his attorney had scheduled a meeting to see the artist recently. This type of check is called a “Wellness Check” in order to see the condition of the artist as well as speak with him. When his mother and attorney showed up for the meeting they were told Kodak Black was on a bus to another prison. This has only led to more concern on the artists safety. In an interview Kodaks mother is shown crying with worry that her son will be killed. She even goes on to say that if he is killed that she will kill her self after.

Florida news stations are now covering the unfolding details as they become available. This is absolutely not the first time that prisoners have spoken out about the abuse and conditions of our correctional facilities in America. We hope that Kodak Black will be safe and secure as his mother and attorney try to work out his conditions.

Information via @kodakblack

Video clip seen via @akadniks

Writer of Gritt House: Dahlia Koca via @lovelythevixen Magazine @straightofficialmag

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